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4 . 0 JOURNAL A N D REPU M J C A N .IQ W V U IE. N.Y * WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 12. 1973 W E D — M r . and M r s . Michael R„ Hoyt were m a rried at St. Paul’* Greek Orthodox Cburch, Cathedral Ave., Hemstead, on July 21. Mr*. Hoyt, the former Christine Tentaa, ls the daughter of M r . and M r s , Nicholas T e n - tax, B e llm o r e . M r . Hoyt Is tbe son of M r . and M r s , Ralph IC. Hoyt, Lowvllle. O p e n House th e 40th anniversary o f burg \Town Hall, to be held A lo n s o and Helen Y o u n g s win. b y their children, M r . and he observed Sunday, D e c . 16, M r s . Ronald Youngs and from noon to 5 r-m ., s t ant fam ily and M r . and M r s . open house at- the Martina* M errltt Reed and tamlly. Annual December Inventory Used Car Sale. Prices Drastically Reduced - Values Greatly Increased LookTliese Over: 1968 O L 0 5 M O 8 ILE 4 dr., (Oelto) (1 ow n e r) 1969 RAM B LER * dr. tadcn 1969 C H E V R O L E T \C H E V E E IE\ 4 At. hdtp. 1970 . 1/2 F A t C O M 4 dr. aadan ( 1 ow n e r) 1970 F O R D C U S T O M SOD 4 At. 19 7 1 T O R I N O 500 S T A T I O N W A G O N (1 o w n e r ) ] 1969 P O N T I A C \CAT A L IM A ” 19 7 2 FO R D G R A N T O B M O S T A T I O N W A G O N 1973 M E R C U R Y C U S T O M M O N T E R E Y 1973 FO R D G R A N T4DMM0 2 d r . redan 19 7 2 FO R O G A L 500 4 d r .,6 c y l.,13 .,0 0 0 m iles ] 1970 V W S Q U A R E BACK SUBURBAN 19 7 0 M G ■ C O N V E R T IB L E ■ ‘ Plus -A Great Many More T rucks 1969 FO R D R A N C H E S *) I 967 C H E V R O L E T PICKUP | S - 1969 F O R D flOO PICKUP I960 IN T E R N A N O N A 1 DUMP TRUCK 1968 IN T E R N A T I O N A L CRtW C A B -4 W H E E L DRIVE] 1972 F O R D P W PICKUP 1970 IN T E R N A T IO N A L 3 /4 T O N PIC K U P 2 - LA R G E SN O W P L O W 'S C O M P L E T E W ITH W INGS AND N OSE (NORTZ & VIRKLER, INC. fO U * S 7 T H Y W t l tow?* County Aurh> Awstx. OPENs MON.-THUWS.. VHtl. WI6KT* TO ♦ P.M. 376-6594 SAT. untix . n o o n low v ille, N.Y. Harrisville (Continued from Page 2 -B ) m u s.cal entertainment was provided by th° Dixieland Band consisting of feand D ire c to r Van Patten on trom * bone, H a r r lsvllle Coach Richard Leahy, trumpet, and graduated HCS students Mike Backus, piano, and Joe Dun- don, drum s. Appreciation for their cooperation with the program planning was ex* tended to Supervising P r in ­ cipal Peter N. Betrus, E l ­ ementary Principal, Lloyd Dashnaw, HCS M u s ic D ire c ­ tor, M r s . V irgin ia St. Law ­ rence, and to M r s , Shirley Hoover, M r s . Jackie VaUen- cour, M i s s Manchester, George Pierce, Jr., Jam e s Cleveland and W ilfred Fen­ ton. The Program committee for Evening C ircle of the U M W met Monday, Dec. 3 at S u e B u r g e s s ’ home to plan program s tor 1994 and toset up the hostess schedule. Planned program s are var­ ied, Interesting, and challen­ gin g and Included a m ission­ ary film , a film on the chang­ ing role of women tn the church, a speaker from the Hogansburg area who teaches children of the reservation, changing life styles of youth, salyatlon today, and consu- ■ mertsnr. Standings, Dec. 3, for Har­ r i s v ille Men’s Bowling Lea­ gue: Faculty,39-11; Lundy’s Insurance, 32-16; Brown . Creek, 31 1/2-16 1/2; G & B Market, 27 1/2-20 1/2; L a P a r r ’s Restuarant, 23- 1 / 2 - 24 1/2; KUbourn’s Ho­ tel, 17-31; MaUette’s G a r ­ age, 12 1/2-38 1/2; Green A c r e s , 11-37. Individual scratch single, G. McDonald', 246; Individual scratch triple, w , Kllbourn,S92. Top ten bowlers: R . Kllboum , 174; P. Betrus, 169; W. Wea­ ver, 166; C . Patnode, 164; G , H a ll, 164; G. McDonald, 163; R . Rotz, 162; M . Luther, 162; G. Backus, 160; R . Doo­ ley, 160. High team triple, handicap, Brown Creek, 3,« 047; G 6 B Market, 3,046; I a P a r r ’s Market, 3,034. H igh individual triple,handi­ cap, R» B u r g e s s , 709; G. McDonald, 703, W , Kllboum , 703. High Individual single, handicap, G . McDonald, 283, R , Dooley, 269; J. M iU e r , 261. H a r r t s v llle PrayerCoffee, ln connection with the Lo w - vtlle4:arthage Chapter of C h r istian Women’s Clu b of Am e r ica, met Wednesday, D e c , 5 at the home o f M r s . Jeanette W icks. Daughters of Isab e lla,Sal- va Regina C irc le No. 276, m e t Tuesday night at S L F r a n c is Church, H a r r i s - ylUe. The group welcomed two new members - M r s . Cathy Woodard and M r s . V lck l Richer, Plans were made for the Christm a s d in ­ ner party on Tuesday, Dec. 18. At that time, Sunshine boxes w ill be packed for others, along with greet­ ing card m a ilings, and the new m e mbers w ill exchange gifts. A lso during the past meeting, plans were made for a group gift to Rev. E - m lle LaLonde, pastor, and lt was decided to give $5 to the Propagation of Faith, (Catholic C h a r ities) $5, to Danam o ra Prison for ln - Make Mcmrs L ife Easier This Christmas + f r c y t ia « r i * v t « £ K ^ S5 tL E C T f i l C D R Y E R .S jk W MT'A wi setiflu , jtwnenlcwdilMSnrBe • Six i r u s jA M iw ii .IlsIjMweh.xwtWx f^ntf if KnffllW e w .^ C K .0 ONLY Matching Wa&her $ *1 Q © o i u t 2610 ONLY - t t o t f u a i n l : Q U A L IT Y B U IL T C O N T I N U O U S F E E D D I S P O S A L L * F O O D W A S T E D I S P O S E R MODEL HMA300 * To** I n s c r i p t , t u r n o n w f t * 1, flip swfteh • Jtm-frwttog D**ign— Sf**T *rm pbtoi on tfywfHHri. *w*ng btefc to pr*v#nT pet*n1i»f ]*ri« « 0r*JnHDu9ir>g — tor Jong*'’ M i * Cot-rOStpr. virlyN’lV m***i -jndt w|T49r * r * *T«ln!A*t 8 t**» Or a 3-Bolt Mounting Sy«r#m- • p*r9n«n*/it QU*4 IllHlrtng* O p e n Nights Until 9 mate gifts, *1 0 to the fuel fund, and I S for a m a s s for Father 0 * B r ian, Instrumen­ tal tn the origin o f the Dau­ ghter’s circle in H a r r l s ­ vllle. It w a s again arranged for m a s s to be said during Decem b e r for a ll living and deceased m e m b e rs of the Daughters. A t the meeting, plans were continued f o r the State Convention of Dau­ ghters of Isabella to be held next September at the St. F r a n c is Church In H a r r i s - Ten m e m b ers of the H a r­ rlsv llle Fortnightly Club met last week at M r s . Jeanette W tcks’ house to m a k e C h r lst- m a s wreaths for private home decoration. The group honored m e mber M r s . Nina Rtpley with a su r p r ise birth­ day cake to celebrate her 81st birthday. At the Decem b e r 4 meet­ ing of the M o r n ing C irc le of the United Methodist Women, It w a s voted to transfer *250 to tbe church treasury to meet current expenses. G ifts were donated b y the members to be sent to the Utica S e t­ tlement House, a non* denominational outreach center. The g ifts w ill be given to needy children tn the area. After the group’s noon C h r istm a s luncheon, a birthday cake was served to celebrate m e mber Nina R ip­ ley’s birthday. Happy 81st, Nina! M r s . Dorthy McMahon en­ tertained tbe foUowlng guests at her home throughout the week of Novem b e r 25; M r . and M r s . Verne Dobson, Ith­ aca; M r . and M r s . Joseph A. King and daughter, Judy, Wanakena; M r . and M r s . D a - vld Parrow and d a u g h ter,De­ bra, Jamestown; M r . and M r s . Leon C a U and child­ ren Jeffrey, Jim , Julie and Johnny, Antwerp; M ia s B e t ­ ty ReU ly, S y racuse; M r . and M r s . Bruce St. Lawrence, M u r r a y , Kentucky; M r , and M r s , Keith Hamele, Wana­ kena. Patrick Arnold, son of M r s . B a r b a r a Arnold, Church Street, has left fo r Syracuse where he ls now employed. On Thursday, Dec. 13, tbe vocal m u sic .department, un­ der the d irection o f M r s . V i r ­ ginia St. Lawrence w lU p r e ­ sent the annual Ch r istm a s Operetta at 7:30 p.m. ln the H a r r lsv llle Elem e n tary School. Students trom grades Kindergarten through s ix wUI participate In this y e a r's p lay entitled “ The LltU e B lue.An- gel.’’ Featured wUI be J a m ­ ie Ham lin and B r ian B u r g e s s from the fourth grade. No adm ission wUI be charged for the performance. -Com ing P irate Baketball gam e s; Frid a y , Dec. 14 - H a r r isvU le at Morristow n ; Tuesday, January 15 - C l i f ­ ton-Fine at H a rrlsvtU e . On Monday, Dec. 3, Grey L a rts on presented an a s s e m ­ bly on wUdllfe to the die- mentary students. Included was a film , \ T h e Wind D r in k ­ e r s , ’’ showing a range pre­ serve for 15- Sp a n ish M u s ­ tangs ln the State of Wyom­ ing, H a r r isvU le Elem e n tary School wUI hold their class Ch r istm a s parties on T h u r s ­ day Decem b e r 20. In the m orning, C h r istm a s carols w ill be sung at a m a s s a s - semDly. Rod and Gun C lu b A u x U l­ ary held their an n u a lC h r lst. m a s party at the H a r r isvU le club house onSundayDecem - ber 2, with 32 present. F o l­ lowing a ham dinner, gifts were exchanged. T h e group ls seU lng cookbooks for *2.00 each and dishcloths, 3 / * 1.00. If interested In purchasing, please contact Kate Peirce, Modlna Hooley, o r any mem ­ ber, The next m e e ting for the AuxUlary w t ll be Wed­ nesday D e cem b e r 12 at M r s. B a r b a r a Lu t h e r 's . A t this meeting there w i ll be in­ stallation of officers. T r o o p 44, H a r r isvU le Boy Scouts, under thedlrectlonof leader, B r u c e Ratbbone, have re-palnted the Homosote Santa C la u s which w i ll for the second year b e displayed on the main corner ln the center of town. Th e project, sponsored b y the H a r r isvU le A r e a Cham b e r of Com m e rce w U I be enlarged this year. Again with tbe assistan c e of m e m b e rs o f M r . Rathbone’s Industrial A r t s c l a s s , addi­ tional figu r e s Including C h o ir B o y s and Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer, win b e fashioned and made ready t o be Includ­ ed ln the holiday display. On New Year’s E r e , the H a r r isvU le F ire Departm e n t w ill hold a party I n the t a i l ’s social room for m e m b e rs and Invited guests. Reservations should be turned Into John M U le r as soon a s possible. Constableville News By Mrs. Emma Hoffman Ph. 397-2362 C O N S T A B L E V I L L E - M r . and M r s . Jam e s Downey, Fran k and L i s a of Hanover Park, 111., M r . and M r s . W lU lam Cosgrove, Kim , C h r i s , and Kathy of N a ssau, and Peter of Cleveland, C spent the thanksgiving holi­ day with thetr parents, M r . and M r s . Stephen H ayes. Jam e s Northam has been moved to C r a ig Rehabilita­ tion Hospital. H is address ls: 3425 South C larkso n St., Englewood, Colo. 80110. The ConstablevUle Neigh­ b o r s w lU hold their C h r ist­ m a s party on Decem b e r 19. They wlU pack boxes for Hie shut-ins aiid dinner w ill fol­ low at 6 o’clock. The United M e thodist Wo­ men held a very successful sale on Saturday, Dec. 1. They appreciate the help of everyone. F 9 | Dr, and Mrs. John H. Brooks i extend to all wishes for a joyous holiday season. A most Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and happiness. instead ot sending cards. D r , and M r * . Brook* will m a k a an appropriate contribution to toe Am e rican Cancer Society. 7 5 4 4 Sfaf© St. Phone 3 7 6 - 7 4 7 2 low v i l l e , N .Y COORDINATED SLEEP SET Put him in e dreamy mood with thews firm quality permanent preaa paja­ mas of smooth pofytMrter/cotton. Newest plaids and stripes wtth co­ ordinating solid colors. S-M-L-XL 2-PC. SET COORDINATED SHIRT AND SWEATER SETS A handsome gift he can wear year round' Wear 2-pc. set in cool weather for a smashing layered look, or sport the shirt alone when the air is warmer S-M-L-Xl. A. Bold print acetate shut Long-point collar. 4-button placket under solid color virgm acrylic shed B. Polyester knit jacquard printed shin. U-neck ribbed knit sleeveless in deep solids. C. Sporty virgin acrylic set includes ribbed placket collar shirt under colorful shell Now thru Saturday 80MMV StVMSH maam $8 o o $588 SHIRT AND TIE SET ALREADY GIFT-BOXED All set for giving! Da- t t y cron* polyester/cotton woven shirt In solid or patterns with coofdl- nated. wide-wJd.lh He. u' ’ 14ft to 17. CREW NECK SWEATER Hefty 2-ply woo! sweater with the'Shetland look*. Re­ inforced neck, cuffs. Solid colon. S-M-L-XL. DIVE HIM A 2-POCKET CARDIGAN SWEATER Cardigans. . .the ever popular golf look. Handsomely detailed in virgin Orton* acrylic. Solid colors; washable. S-M-L-XL, TURTLENECK SKI SWEATER $ 0 O O TOO** o r ltm nreryfft. woshobt*. <otofg. S-M-l-Xl * 8 OO HEAVY FISHERMAN’S KNIT SKI SWEATER S-M -l-X L the m o re for you r m o n e y s w o rth store WATERTOWN LOWVllir GOUVERMEUR OGDENSBURG POTSDAM Gront p'nxo G rant P laza P o r te r Pi p ro ________ Pork Ploro G r a n t p|„,a y MOST ITEMS AVAILABLE AT MOST GRANT CITY STORtS DO YOU KNOW GftAKT GTY HAT: * Hobby kits & handicrafts • Home improvement equipment

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