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1 0 B JOURNAL AND REPI/8UCAN, tOWVJUE. N. V. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12. 1923 5 3 8 3 3 S E P T I C T A N K S 2 SO 5 0 0 7 S 0 IQ OQ 2 0 0 0 S A L . 5 9 Sign With Soil District Nine persons have signed agreements to become co- operators of the Lewis County S o i l and Water Con­ servation D istric t . They are: Louts T ille r , West Turin; Robert Knapp, Croghan; Jo­ seph Kabot, Lyonsdale; Stan Ziankoskl, Leyden; Istvan Bahnlgg, New Bremen; T e r r y M iller, W e st Turin; Llo y d Akin, ConstablevUle; Tho­ mas Shultz, Low v llle, and Richard Hanlnlsch, Osceola* Dairy land Notes by Kathy Steria Lewis County Dairy Princess^ G R I F F I N R O O F I N G , I N C . FR Y t SUBBEROID L O C K S H IN G L E S F U L L Y IN S T A L L E D , 10 Y E A R G U A R A N T E E S I D IN G — A L S O TH E N E W V I N Y L S I D IN G FREE ES T I M A T E S — FU L L Y IN S U R E D EAVf TROUGHS INSTAUfD. 3 Ft- METAl EDGING EAVE. FULLY INS7AHLD HOT BUILD-UP ROOFING ON COMMERCtAI AND DOMESTIC — 424 Sta te S t., W a tertow n , P h . 7 8 2 - 6 9 5 0 Serving The North Country Since 1926 J * J e n n - A j r bonverauifi HARK! THE SAVARIN! Music Is everywhere dur­ ing the Christinas season. It rings from steeples and stores and suddenly carol­ ers are singing at your front door. Invite your holiday v i­ sitors ln from the cold and gather them before the blaz­ ing yule for a delicious des­ sert that will warm them with fa-la-la flavor. From France comes the Savarln, a round, raised cake, rich ln eggs and but­ ter, saturated with rum- orange syrup. It's a light 'n luscious dessert Idea; that something different you want for holiday entertaining. Sa­ varln ls not difficult to make, even thoughltlsayeastdough cake for there Is no knead­ ing necessary. Yeast cakes may be made days ahead since they fr e e z e well. You'll notice Savarln re­ quires very little sugar in the yeast dough, its sweet­ ness comes from the syrup poured over the cake after It’s baked and removed from the mold. The orange peel glistening ln the syrup adds a decorative and colorful ap­ peal. Top Savarln with fresh­ ly whipped cream and serve with eggnog, the nutritious beverage that w ill fortify your friends for the night of caroling in the cold. In the photo, a mound of freshly whipped cream ready for spooning adds a festive touch to a rum-flavored S a ­ varln. Savarln 1 pkg. active dry yeast 1/4 cup warm water 1/4 cup m ilk 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) but­ ter 2 tblsp. sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 4 eggs 1 3/4 flour Syrup: cups all-purpose Give gift of char-broiled flavor alt year long. Hero’s a grill... and a range ... plus a continuous cleaning oven . . . in the most versatile Kitchen appliance available today. Conventional or glass-top cooking elements offer full-surface cooking. . . or lift out in seconds to convert to a single or twin Char-Flavor grill. . . or other optional accessories. And ail feature Jenn-Alr's exclusive \prox­ imity ventilation.\ No hood needed. See the SUPERQIFT at. .. H .R . M Y E R S LUM B E R C O ., IN C . W ise Boyers Buy A f Myers'* O p en off doy S a tu r d a y u n t i l C h r isfm q s . Rte. 12 Ph. 942-4321 Boonvllle r t r m K e r o s e n e F u e l O i l C o o l Meter Printed Oil Tickets S mplet I BURNER SERVICE LOUIS BUSH & SONS, INC. F o r e s t A v e . Ph. 3763212 Qne-hofI cent per gallon discount will be given on all accounts paid within 30 days. 1 cup sugar, 1 tbsp. grated orange peel, 1/2 cup orange Juice, 1/2 tsp. rum extract, sweetened whipped cream. Generously butter 6 1/2 cup ring mold, and dust with flour. Sprinkle yeast over warm water. In a sm all saucepan scald m ilk. Add butter, sugar and salt; stir until butter Is dissolved. C ool to lukewarm. In a large m ix­ ing bowl, beat'eggs, add dissolved yeast and butter mixture. Gradually beat in flour until smooth.Cover and let rise tn warm place until doubled (about 1 hour). Stir batter down; turn Into mold. Let rise ln warm place until almost doubled. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven, 20-25 mlntues. C ool on wire rack 5 minutes, If necessary loosen around edges and re­ move from mold. Turn out on wire rack, place over a plate to catch excess syrup. Immediately prick topof cake with a fork and drizzle sy­ rup over cake until cake Is thoroughly soaked. To pre­ pare syrup: tn a sm all saucepan combine sugar, orange peel and juice; bring to a boll and boll for 1 m in­ ute. S t ir In rum extract. Cool to lukewarm; pour warm sy ­ rup over Savarln cake.Serve with whipped cream. Makes 12 servings. N e i g h b o r * T o M e e t The monthly meeting of the W »st LowvlUe Neighbor’s Club will be held Wednesday, Qec. 19, at the home of M rs. Ltla Mahoney, A Christm as party will- be held with an exchange of gifts, Mem l ers should take candy or cookies for baskets for shut-ins. G u ild T o Meet St. Therese’s Guild wUI hold its Christm as party at St, Peter’sChurch Hall,Low ­ vllle, Thursday, Dec, 13, be­ ginning with asocial hour at 6;30 p.m. Members a re to take a $1 gift for exchange. N O R T H C O U N T R Y B U S I N E S S - M B E C T A B Y H f I K B S h I B w B S ■ FOR SPACE IN THIS DIRECTORY CALL 376 - 3 5 2 5 GUIDE TO LOCAL SERVICES E X P E R T S E R M C E S O F A L L K I N D S . * W H E R E T O B U Y I T . . . W H E R E T O H A V E I T D O N E . . . M U L L I N S S E R V IC E S T A T I O N YOUR FRIfNDtr MOBO, DTSIFR WF GIVF S S M GREEN STAMPS TEC. 376-7222 LOWVILLE G R A Y 'S FLO W E R S H O P Real R Perm anent Arrangement* 3 U SOUTH JAMES ST., CARTHAGE PH. 493-3790 H O W A R D W ILBERT A G E N C Y A l l LINES OF INSURANCE Ph. Boonville 942-4624 We*! Leyden, N.Y. B L A C K RIVER R E S T A U R A N T S U P P L Y C O ., I N C 316 Factory St. W atertown Tel. 5U-8-4280 CHINA.G1AS5 Jll WRWARF-fAPER AND maintenance suprurs • S yracuse CHINA, FRIG/OASF, VULCAN, G.E. P R O F E S S I O N A L WELL D R ILLIN G Joseph Kampnlch •HE- 2 THERESA. N.Y. Call Collect 629-4898 or 788-6978 W e d d i n g S t a t i o n e r y A t JO U R N A L * R E P U B L IC A N R U B B E R S T A M P S Af J o u r n a l a n d R e p u b l i c a n T H IS S P A C E A V A ILA B L E W A G O N E R - H I C K O K A G E N C Y GENERAL INSURANCE 120 Schuyler St. Boonville, N . Y. Tel. 942-4428 G A R I T O P R I N T I N G C O . OFFSETLETTERPRESS SOCIAl - COMMERCIAL MAGNETIC SIGNS 20 Stew o il St. lowvllle Ph. 37&-J52E H E R M A N H . ORTLIEB DAIRY EQUIPMENT Bou-A5atlc Milkers and Bulk Tank* PH. 376-2707 MARUNS8UR& T H IS S P A C E a v a i l a b l e t ^Cafeteria Menus COPENHAGEN CEN T R A L Monday - Hot dogs and rolls, potato chips, peas sad carrots and fruit. Tuesday - Barbecue on bttns, cabbage salad and Ault, Wednesday - Spaghetti, gelatin salad, white cake and bread and butter. Thursday - Juice, Pizza, tossed salad and Ice cream sundaes. Friday - School closes for holiday recess, ADIRONDACK C E N T R A L Monday - Juice, sloppy Joes, french fries, Con^n bars end m ilk with alter­ nate at chicken noodle soup and bologna sandwiches. Tuesday - Hamburgers, potato chips, pickles, fruit snd m iik or alternate of vegetable soup and lunch­ eon meat sandwiches. Wednesday - Ravioli, but­ tered wax beans, rolls and butter, cake ana milk or alternate o f turkey boodle soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Thursday • Turkey and gravy on mashed potatoes, buttered corn, rolls and but­ ter, cranberry sauce, cherry tarts and milk. Friday - Tomato soup, peanut butter and jelly sand­ wiches, celery sticks, ice cream and milk or alternate of clam chqwder and tuna sandwiches. SOUTH LEW IS CENTRAL Monday - Hamburgers Tuesday - Corned beef hash. Wednesday - Spaghetti. Thursday - Tomato soUp and sandwiches. Frtday - Juice, sliced tur­ key, rice, vegetable end cranberry sauce. BEA V E R R IV E R CEN T R A L Monday - Chill con carne, peaches and cottage cheese on lettuce and brownies. Tuesday - Oven-browned chicken, celery, Mexican rice and apple betty. Wednesday - Hot dogs and rolls, sauerkrant and fruit. Thursday - Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and Christm as cookies. Friday - Fruit Juice, fish A les, macaroni and tomatoes and Noel jello. L’lW V ILLE ACADEkh- Monday - Chicken and gra­ vy on baking powder biscuit, buttered beets, peanut butter and Jelly sandwich, citrus fruit and milk. Tuesday - Hamburger and bun, macaroni and tomatoes, Jello and m ilk. Wednesday - Egg salad aandwtch, chicken-vegetable soup-crackera, scooter pie and milk. Thursday - Fruit Juice, hot beet sandwich, buttered peas and carrots and rice pudding and milk. Friday - Fish fry, potato Chips, lettuce wtth French dressing, bread and butter, rhubarb and milk. H A R R ISV ILLE C E N T R A L Monday - Vegetable beef soup, sandwiches, fruit and cookies. Tuesday - H u h brown po­ tatoes, meat, buttered corn and pudding. Wednesday - Hot dogs on buns, pork and beans, sauer­ kraut and fruit. Thursday - Hot turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and rolls. Transparent Plastic, t a s Y S torm W indow K it N d w m s u i FA R M E R S CO OP INC. M S O O S H A D Y A V E . L O W V I L L E . N .Y . • P H O N C 3 7 6 - 6 5 *9 I 1 .............. M l Hi f f f llT\ ... m a n a t k t i a t k l I u * a tan r.uom •i.ertsF^ | HID T 4 10 T 11 Bill I s # B e c a u s e of th e m a n y p ip e lin e m ilking in s ta lla tio n s w e h a v e so ld th is y e a r , w e h a v e an o v e r a b u n d a n c e af good u s e d A lam o vacuum pum p s , electric p u lsatio n , 50 Ib. m ilking u n its, a n d tra n s f e r sta tio n s . CALL RON HALL at 376-2211 HE'S GOT THE RIGHT DEAL FOR YOU. - L o w v i l l e S u r g t e State Street Lowville T H E GET IT WORKING FOR YOU! 6 . 7 5 % = 7 . 0 8 % 6.7 5 % co m p o u n d e d daily re t u r n s a n e t a n n u a l y ie ld of 7 .9 0 % . Earn aur big 6.75%. Interest start* from day of deposit on Two and Ont-Half Yaar Passbook Cartifieatas. Start getting the big 6.75% at C a r t h a g e . NOW AT 323 STATE ST fC A R T H A G E S A V I N G S AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Ph. 493-3480

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