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South Lewis Names Honor Pupil Lists JO U R N A L A N D H E P U B U C A N .LO W V I l l E , N .Y . W E D N E S D A Y . D E C E M B E R 19. 1973 1 - C FASHION SHOW - Winter fashions cam e to Low v ille on Decem b e r S at a fashion ' a bow held under the direc­ tion o f M r s . Joseph M c G u ire, State St., at the new W.T. G rant Store, Grant City P la - sa, In the photo, R a y Han- nam is shown presenting to M r s . Sh irle y TerriUlon, Lowvllle S t a r Route, a \fre e Needy (Continued from Page l-B ) return enabled the parts dealer to purchase for each s e m c e center, to give to a needy fam ily of its choice, one food package each for a coat of $14 each. Vln the photo, Robert Mower* of Low v U le Auto P a r t s is shown with theboxes o f foods. •The participating service ceiiters w e re H irsch Mobil, Rfrymend's A r c o , Lacey’s outfit of ner choice,” a feature of the event. The show w a s foUowed by a 20 per cent merchandise d i s ­ count. Under the direction ot M r s , M c G u ire, models •were M a r g e t Davey, Sarah Raff, Judy W e stern, Edith Anderson, L i z WaUace, Kathy Darm o d y , C l a i r S e - govls, Danny King, and M a r - cle M c G u ire. Sunoco and Robert J. Lyn g and Son, aU o f Low v lUe, Brow n ie’s Texaco, Beaver F a U s , and Donaldson Dodge and Monnat and Nortz, both of Croghan. Wolfe Heads Bar Ern e s t K. W olfe, J r . , L o w ­ vlU e , w a s elected president o l the Lew is County B a r Association at a m e e tingDec. 7. Other named were E d g a r S . K . M e r r e U , U , vice p r e s i­ dent, and John S. Parker, seeretary-treasurer. N E W M E M B E R - Peter G r p - gan, president o f the Low ­ vU le Kiw a n ls Club, and D o u g­ las Brodle, Induztlng-jffloer, Inducted Robert Sm ith, a s ­ sistant elem e n tary principal Low v U le Academ y and Central school, as a m e m ­ ber of the club at the L a d les’ Night observance on Dec. 11 at the Lowvtlle E l k s ’ Club. P R A S H A W CONSTRUCTION ★ F o r R o o m R e m o d e lin g * A d d ition of Room s THE SAME SATISFACTION I GUARANTEED ON OUR INSIDE WO«(| AS ON OUR OUTSIDE WORK. t a i l ln»ss P r a s h a w 376-6033 57 Y E A R S W E D - M r . and M r s . Walter d e t e r s , Watson, wlU observe their 57th wed­ ding anniversary on W e d n es­ day, Dec. Z B .Theyw e re m a r ­ ried Dec. 26, 1916, in St. Vincent's Church, Belfort. The couple has s i x ch il­ dren, M u ton of M a r tlnsburg, [Churches ((Continued from Page l- B ) perlntendent, in charge. The | C h r istm a s worship service starts a t 11 a.m. Pastor John von Harten’s Ch r istm a s m e ssage i s entitled ’ \Beach­ head In Palestine.” M r s . John von Harten w ill present the childrens story. In the evening at 7 p.m., the m e m ­ b e r / of the choir and anyone e lse who is w illing to come along, wlU go out caroling ln the community. On Dec. 24, on C h r istm a s Eve, there wlU be a Candle Light service, which starts at 7:30 p.m. On New Y e a r s Eve, at 7:30 p. m ., another s p e c ial service In conjunction with the clo s in g of the y ear 1973 wUI be conducted. Aa part o f this service, s e v e r a l p e rsons will be baptized by Im m e rsion upoo pdbUc profession of -th e ir laitAia Jaeus Chrtotxs Beulah Jantzl of Taberg, Bernard, Darw in and Nelson of Watson and Eunice Ford of G reig. Both are sU U ln good health and one of their hob­ bles ls cultivation o f a large garden and flowers. their personal L o r d and Saviour. ST . P E T E R ’S C A T H O L IC C h r istm a s Confessions wlU be held Saturday, Dec. '22, 3 to 4 p.m ., only, 7 to 7:30 p.m.; Monday, Dec. 24, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m .,only, 3 to 4 p.m. only. On M o n ­ day, Dec. 24, at 5 p.m., Sacred Liturgy, C lo s in g ol Advent, O Anttphons and Ch r istm a s V ig U M a s s w t U b e featured. At 8 p.m . there wlU be Sacred Litu r g y , The Posadas and C h r istm a s V i ­ gU M a s s . On C h r istm a s al 11:30 p.m., w U I feature S a ­ cred Liturgy, C h r istm a s c a ­ ro ls, Litu r g ical P r o c la m a ­ tion of Jesus B irth. There wlU be B le s s in g s o f the Crib scene, sung M a s s with adult choir. A t 8:30 a.m ., M a s s of the Shepherds wlUbeheld, and at 10:30 a.m., sung M a s s with Ch ildre n s choir w lU be held. O u r F i r s t [Christmas Bazaar •WHERE; Basement of Masonic Temple WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 19. 10:30 a,m.-3 p.m. Hand-marie articles, birdhouses , bird f e e d e r s , kail goads, etc. tU N C H AVAILABLE Sponsored By The Lewis County Adult Activity Center S e a s o n ’ s G r e e t i n g s fFe would like fo take this opportunity to t h a n k our customers for their patronage. The South Lew is Central School System reports that the following students have demonstrated outstanding a - cademtc achievement for the first quarter of the 1978- 74 school year. Students ln the High Hon­ o r s group have averages of 93 o r better; those in the Honors group rave averages o f 88 to 92; those tn the M e r it group have averages o f 85 to 87. Post Graduate - Honor, K a r L Krokowsld and M a r - grlth Waser. Grade 12 - BlU le Alex­ ander, Bethany Axtell, Patri­ cia Baxter, John Bodnar, Bradley Brash, C r a ig Bush, M a rlene C y r , Dennis F a - zekas, L a r r y Gorozyca, M a r g a r e t Gorczyca, Ste­ phen Gorczyca,Thom a s G o r­ czyca, Jodie Jones, Leigh Jordan, Dawn Kram e r , Ste­ ven M a rkham , Teresa M a r ­ mon, L o r r l McDonald, Ltsa M U lard , Regina Moshler, Gerhard Munger, Timothy Nellenbaek, S a r a Peters.AJ- an Scouten, C a r o l Sphovtc, GaU Watson, Janet Young and Kathleen Youngs. Honor- M o n a Anderson, Patrick B r a d ish , T e r e s a Bretch, Deborah Bush, Eileen C h r z - anowskt, Michael Cleveland, Peter Dom a go, Rickey E h - le r s , Gerald Em e r son, Kev­ in Felshaw , Karen Fenton, N a n c y Glngerlch, Linda G o r ­ czyca, Kim b e rly Hartshorn, Juliette Hayes, M a r y Jane Hutchlifs, Rodney Hutchings, M a r lyn Klosner,Sandra Koz- dra, Jane K r a e g e r ,JeanLef- fingwell, Deborah M a r o lf, Sue M lU a r d , Cynthia Moore, Tim o thy O ’Brien, B a r t P ie s , kach, Michael Reese, Susan Ripp, Debra Salm o n , Debra Weber, Cynthia Shambo. K a ­ ren Shue, Pam e la Topa and Bethany T r o m b ily. High Honor - Susan Dolhof, Don­ na Dovfak, Patricia Foley, Tim o thy Fruln, D a v id Sz a - lach, JaneSxucs, Dawna Tan- enbaum, C a r o l Tiffany, M i ­ chael Vlenneau, Wendy Wtd- m e yer and Nancy Wiedrick. G rade 11 - M e r it - Chey­ enne Aim , Jacquelyn Beagle, Joanne Bodnar, Randal Con­ way, 'C a r o l Ann Denslow, Cynthia Dunn, Melinda Farr, Steven Fazekas, Jackie F r u ­ ln, S a r i Glnter, Martha Hig- by, Linda H o s ld n s , Dawr Hotchkiss, Lonnie Kapfer, D a v id Kraeger, Colleen Len - ahan, Bonnie Levesque, V a l­ erie McDougaU, Rita M a z ­ ur, D a le Roberts, D a n n y S a l- mon, V icky Shue, Michael Sm y k la, Naucy Soholvc, Joni Tom linson, Nancy Vlenneau and Yvonne Weber. Honor — Joanne Buckley, Kathleen C lark, M ichelle D o r r lt y , Christine Dunn, Pamela F a r r , Susan Hanno, Paul Kraeger, Debra L lsk , D a ­ vid Longway, Candy Mooney, John Munger, M e lanie Po­ korny, Peter Salm o n , Tam ­ ara Vlenneau, M e linda Walk­ er and Jam e s White. High Honor - Am y Allen, Bon­ nie Crofoot, David Evans, George Getman, Philip K e l­ lerhals, Janet Mekkelson, Kristine Sokoloskt, Melinda TU ler, Patricia Vrubel and Gerald Zeosky, G rade IQ - M e r it - Julte Com lns, Daniel Covey, Kim Duppert, Laurie Edlck, Shawn Foley, Deborah Fox, Lydia Hunzlker, Sharon Ja- reckl, Susan Johnson, Rene Karptaskl, Karen Kohl, Kath­ leen U v e z e y , Cheryl M a rks, Betty Redner, Susart Stan­ ford, Darlene Tanney, V lckl Tom linson, Shelley Wason p . . o o i M e g e l e t m c .......................................... e n P E R S C O U R C Y C L E ! ! K l r e q w e s h a n d s c r u b ^ ctMinq-bo-ird lop \ OL'M!?'1!’ pOfCf^iM rr D o n ’ t b e a d i s h w a s h e r - b u y o n e ! Before washing in Super Scour cycle Scp^Mif’ .n-the-docr siivp'ware ,nd culler/ baskets 2 speeds, 5 cycles including Super Scour? ' Te,o f'.e' S'.’11 re.cu'no up-ay.nn? .;n'!c- each rack fc: .m p o ’-ed 10 * FuH-lirhe hlienng • never?-.Dio so'id-w c cd system help-, chmm- ale need lor pre-rmrang Rinse dispenser wt'h fill indicator Sound ,nnu!ar ;n nelps ibeert) op,nai-ana: sound? Water flow viVve, splash-freed sconced and separate cord and hose storaoe After washing in Super Scour cycle. tPhoto is unretouched! and Joyce Young. Honor - Katherine Ackerm an, Mary Bardo, Debra Bp-dore, E - laine Bretch, Linda Dailey, Diane Delaw yer, Donna Fer­ guson, Mitchell Gorczyca, L o r i Hoage, Sharon Kozoia, Anton Kraeger, M a r k Kro- kowskl, Carol Krug, Melo­ dy Marybugh, M a r ta Meda, Timotny Petersen, Renee Reynolds, Tam m y Rhone, Patricia Ripp and J a m e s S e a - ver. High Honor - Linda Glngerlch, Sa lly F ree- man, and Jane Ingalls. Grade 9 - M e r it - Paul Beadore, Colleen Bronson, Timothy Cole, Ronald Heb- bard, M a r s h a Hlgby, Ch r ist­ ine Hoage, Valerie Hunt, Lu­ cy Kraeger, Joseph Long­ way, Lucinda Marm o n , Ger­ ald Reed,SusanShambo, Jane Tiffany and David Owen W il­ liam s. Honor - N e ll Aus­ tin, Myrton F a r r , Luke Kel­ lerhals, Charles Kirch, Pierce Law , Sherry M ihal­ yi, Monika Munger and Cyn­ thia Raymond, Grade 8 - M e r it - Steven Bassett, Joseph Bauer, Dan­ iel Bennett, Michael Black, Diane M a r ie H ill, Robert Howell, Melinda Karpin?’:', Sharon Knickerbocker, Charles Law, S h aron Leven- sallor, Georgianne Leves­ que, Catherine Mathis, Jan­ ice Olmstead, Judy Paluck, Lou Ann Pokorny, J ill Red­ ner, M e g Rhone, Kathie So - bovic, Bov ,rly Ward anti C r a ig W arner. Honor - M a r y Alien, Jean Axtell, John Bar­ telotte, Deborah Berru s , D i­ ane Chrzanowski, Joseph E - vans, Stephen F a r r , Jam e s Fox. Douglas Hanno, M a r k . Hlgby, Donna Kellogg, John Konkol, Diane K r a e g e r , Tiro McDonald, Melanie M c D o u g ­ aU, Bertha Muha. Randolph M y e r s , Louanne Planck, C ln - dy Roy, WayneSkorupa, Tim ­ othy SHter, John S z u c s , Ka­ trina T U le r and Judy Tom ­ linson. High Honor - R e -, becca Ackerm ann, Roxanne Dunn, Kathy G lngerlch, R i­ chard Hayes, Deborah K o z - dra, Jack Mezey, John Nor­ ton, Kathryn W ldm e yer and Sandra Zeosky. G rade 7 - M e r it - Annette Cough, David Duncan, Ed­ ward Fitzgerald, Sheila Green, Gerald H ill, Richard Hoskins, Kathleen Jacks.\? Susan Konkol, W e sley Krae­ ger, Etlen Lenahan, Her­ bert M a r o lf, Ltsa Mooney, Denise Ossont, Patricia Pratt, Dawn Stanford, G r e t - cben Stoffle, A licia Sullivan, Christopher Sullivan and C h a r le s Young. Honor — Bridget Bronson, Karen Butts, Ronald Evans, K im ­ berly Gannon, T e r rance Heb- bard, M a r y Hunzlker, Peter Law , Tam a Leves-pie, B a r ­ ba/a Liiik, Patricia M c D o tig- all, M ichael M u lligan, Jo­ hanns M y e r s, Susan N o s - trant, N a n c y O ’Brten and M a ­ ry Sohovlc. High Honor - Annette Dunn, Laurie Gleas: - man, Carol Kor ufow s k i, Melanie Law , Peler M a r k ­ ham and Pamela Murdock. EASY TERMS (IR V I N E S E L E C T R I C t t « t « f » . P h . 376-6111 L o w v i l l e EN D S TH E T R A S H M E S S ! 'Whirlpool Trash Masher\ compactor R e d u c e s tra s h to ap p r o x im a tely V.« its o r ig in a l s i z e * D rive sy s tem vvlh tw o p o w e r s c r e w s p r o v id e s a c o m ­ p a c t i n g fo r c e of ap p r o x im a tely 2300- lb s * C o m p a c ts u p to 3 w e e k 's w o rth o f tra s h fof a n a v e r a g e fam ily of four into 3 d i s p o s a b l e b a p * D rop-dow n s i d e - p a n c ! o n d r a w e r w ith lev e r - a c t i o n lock * K e y -type sta r t sw itch » $ 1 9 8 . 0 0 Elks Concert (Continued from Page l- B j lln; and “ A Fantasy on the Twelve D a y s of C h r istm a s ” by Johnson, The Beaver River Stage Band w ill then present their rendition o t \Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” by W a rd and \Sle igh Ride” by LeR o y A n ­ derson, both very lively a r ­ rangements. The Senior Band w ill conclude the U r s t part of the program with \T h e LltU e D r u m m e r Boy” jy Cacavas and \ A C h r l s t - •nas Festival,” a medley of ’arnis by LeRoy Anderson. In the second half of the rrogram , the Senior Chorus tnder M r . Perry w ill p e r - orm The C h r istm a s C a n t a - 3 \T h e Wonder of C h r i s t ­ mas” by John Peterson. The Jantata ts an extended vocal im p o s it ion, which depicts he story of C h r ist’s con­ ception and birth, by means af so lo ists, narrator, men’s and women's chorus pieces and full chorus. The music Is of a quasi m o d e m nature but richly composed with fine melodies and profound­ ly religious texts and strac - ture, based directly on B i b ­ lical sources. S O C I E T Y E L E C T S - Tbe Lew is County Agricultural Society held its annual meet­ ing at the Community Room o f the Lew is County Trust Company on Saturday, Dec. 8, at 1 p.m. Plans for the 1974 fair were discussed and lt was felt that the 1974 fair would and should surpass this last year’s la ir If enthusiasm and dedication to the present board of dtrectors and asso­ ciate directors Is any indi­ cation. A s an example, one of the new, attractions expected to be seen at the fa ir Ln 1974 w ill be an eight-horse- hitch from the B u s c h G a r ­ dens In Cooperstown, New York. These perfectly matched Clydesdale horses have been seen throughout the world and fair officials felt they were very fortunate to obtain these horses for the fair. This I s only one of the many new laovatlons expect­ ed at next year's fair. Louis Gorczyca waa elect­ ed president; MyronLehm a n , vice - president; Jesse Schantz, secretary; and H a r ­ old W o o lshlager, treasurer. Shown, left to right, In the photo are: Seated - M r . G o rozyca and M r . Wool- *b lsge r , and standing - M r , Schantz and M r , Lehman. D ire c tors appointed fo r s three year term are: George Hlgby, Eugene Patterson, John M c C u e , LeRoy Nichols, Joseph M c G u ire, C y r il S e y ­ m o u r and Jesse Schantz. A s s o c iate D irectors ap­ pointed for a three year term are Anthony Urbanlak ant John B u r r . President Louis G o r c ryci announced that it w a s wit! regret that the Lew is County Agricultural Society accept­ ed the resignation o f Attor­ ney Richard Cum m ings. At­ torney Joseph M c G u ire wli: replace Attorney Cum m ings, Mr. Gorczyca welcomed Le­ Roy Nichols as a new d irec­ tor, who has been an a s s o ­ ciate director for some time. He, also, complimented Anthony Urbanlak of Grban- lak’s Photography S tudio for the excellent pictures which were taken In 1973 of the fair, which, incldently, the 1973 fair was considered to be exceptionally successful. Firemen Meet Here The Decem ber meeting of the Low v lUe Volunteer F ire Departm e n t w a s held Monday, Dec. 3, with the re­ port that two fire s were fought by the firem en dur­ ing November. It w a * reported that the up to look Into the p o s s i­ bility o f having a field day ln LowirtUe next sum m e r. Another committee was o r ­ ganized to look into locations and equipment for a new fire hall, it was i-eported th a t tb e firem e n ’s H ian k a g lvtBgB a ll, held Nov. Z l, was a b ig sue - cess. A Ijid from Rennie’s S a le s and Service waa acceptedfor a new equipment van to be purchased b y thedepartment. The money received from the letter-writing cam p a ign wlU be usedtopurehasethetruck. Area residents who havenot yet responded to their letters were asked to do so a s soon as possible. T h e - * L i t t l e H o t e l Potters Corners dancing to the Polkaetts m W YEAR’S EVE Free Buffet We wish oil our patrons | a M erry Christinas and a jf Happy N e w Tear, W a l t & L i z S w e r e d o s k i % L (Continued from Page l-B) Miss Shambo,-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shambo, Copenhagen, and Ronald Lyn- laker, son of M r . and M r s , Richard Lyndaker, Lowvllle, will each be awarded a $50 savings bond. Second in the local girl’s contest was Rebecca Will­ iams, center left, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Will­ iams, LowvlUe, and Debra Buckingham, center right, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ' Gary Buckingham, H a rris- ville, Brian Shambo, bottom photo, son of Mr, and Mrs. Roger Shambo, Copenhagen, was second In the local boy’s contest. Each ivtlJ recelvn a $2K savings band. Dining RoomOpen Greystone M a n o r WlARTINSBURG. N.Y. Ph. 3 7 6 - 7 7 1 4 Reservations Recommended HOURS — luncheon - 11:30 - 2:00 D i n t w . 5..30 . T u e s d a y fh r u S a t u r d a y .'ey.. S u n d o y Mo<m * 7 : 0 0 p .m . / C tosad M o n d a y / Cloif ed Cbrlit'rirtt D a y and reac t Pa* No? ¥*t Ucemed

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