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I N.Y, State L* A l l C H f t - v j j / l y , •’203 ■ V v ' ^ The. ftxstest firo w i n g W e e k iy N e w s p a p e r I n N o r th e r n N e w Y o r k G i v e the U n i t e d W a y I $ 4 T H Y E A R N O . 19 Share United Serving the g r e a ter Lew is C o u n ty a r e a since 1 8 3 0 L O W V I L L E , N .Y . 13 3 6 7 W E D N E S D A Y , D E C E M B E R 26 , 19 7 3 22 P A G E S - 15 C E N T S H a l e y H i t s u e l C o s t s m ] ■ t a c k D u Haley, b u an g r ily recent \t r e - inc r e u e ” In tbe tom e heating o il to Hew Y o rker. H a ley l u h - at what he called e profiteer- the l a r g e r fuel oil called on Con- fiw President to the price o t beat- ofi, and threatened to u k u investigation b y tbe Attorney General. • Th e North Conntry legia- iato r charged that eome oil com p a n ies \ a r e continuing their m iserable exploitation o t tbe pear panic caused by toe F U T U R E o il' s h o rtage’*. H e noted O a t the p r ice s o t tbel o il va r y widely in Northern New Y o r k counties aad pointed out that one M u ­ sette based company raised toe price of o il m o re than nine cents last week. He added that m a n y people In M a s s ena paid 18.8 c u t s a gallon one ye a r ago and are now paying m o r e than 38 cents per gallon. S t r e s s in g that he can only speak tor toe people of toe ltorto Country. Assem b ly­ man H a ley sa id that if these « f l eompanlae \continue to squeeze blood out of the peo­ ple o f fids region, then I am §>tog to a s k toe Attorney < | u e n l to m a k e a sweep­ in g inyeetlgatioo of thla ob- vfons gouging o f toe people v * o m a s t depend on tael oil * * heet. I ’d like to eee town TOlontartly bring pW e e s back down to eome- ratloosl and If they do w l aaem M y m a n Haley said he re a lise s toe sm a ll Inde­ pendent o il dealers \a r e caught in a squeeze” , forced to ra i s e their price to tot custom e r because they pur­ chased the o i l from toe m a­ jor companies a t a higher coet. \T h e blam e r e s t s en­ tirely with the larger com­ p a n ie s \ , he stated. C a llin g fo r a ro ll back of p r ice s followed b v Immediate price controls, toe Wadding- too Assem b lym a n aald toe m a jor o i l com p a n ies \a r e being allowed to multiply their profits ln a w a y that cau only be called highway robbery.\ He pointed out that \ t o e records show” that the m a jor oil firm s were among toe large contributors to tbe Nixon campaign \and now these sa m e companies are being allowed to reap tremendous profita at the expense of toe public.” No­ thing could be m o re neeee- sa r y than im m e d iate price controls for petroleum pro­ ducts, following a rollback expense of toe public.” \ N o ­ thing could be m o re neces­ sa r y than Im m e d iate price controls for petroleum pro­ ducts, foDowhur a rollback of p r ices,” be continued, \ s o that the projected a b o rt- age does not se r v e u an exenst for im m e n se pro­ fits by the oil companies. I believe that toe President and the C o n g r e s s should for­ ce such a significant ro l l- hack o f both fuel oil and (M o l i s e prices. “ I f w e leave t h ings u they are, all the high prices are Just going to Increase the profits o f the p e t r o ln m ta. due try, which already repre­ sents e n e e t the largest eoe- caatratfB M o t wealth, not only la this country, hut In all of history.” F i r s t ’ 7 4 B a b y T o G e t G i f t s P r iz e s galore are in store fo r Le w is County’s f irst baby o f 1074,through the genero­ sity of area bu s in e s s firm s. The participating business places am o o ice d today in the J O U R N A L A N D R E P U B L I ­ C A N a “ F i r s t Baby Contest fo r 1074.” The f irst baby b o m lnLew - ts County to Lew is County parents after the stroke of midnight, Decem b e r 31, when the New Y e a r arrive s , w ill he eligible fo r a ll the fine gifts. Tbe contest rules are: (1) The winning baby must fee feorn In Lewts County, (3) Tbe parents must be residents of Lew is County. (3) The exact time o f birth, hoar and minutes, m u st be ■pectfled by the attending physician. (4) A l l entries must reach the Journal and Republican by noon on Monday, Jan. 7. The winner w ill be announc­ ed in the January 9 issue of tbe JO U R N A L A N D R E P U B ­ LIC A N . It w a s stressed that en­ trie s mnst contain the cer­ tification of time by the at­ tending physician. A complete lis t o f to# at­ tractive prizes to be award­ ed by the businessm e n to announced In a \F t r a t Baby Contest” page In today's JO U R N A L . Turn to it and scan the awards. Participating merchants are Beyer’s , Inc., Low v U le Electric Co., Watertown M a t t r e s s Co., Lew is County T r u s t Co., The F a l l s Pharm ­ acy at Lyons F a ll s , A. H. Cum m ings Jewelry, B i g N , Rossdale F a r m s D a iry, Inc., P A C Superm arket, Monnat’s Country Store at Croghan, Urbanlak Studio, Lyons F a ll s National Bank, Lloyd’s o f Low v iUe, The Clothe* Nest, The National Bank of N o r ­ thern New York, the M a r g o Shop, W.T. Grant’s and M i l­ le r ’s General S tore, A T ST . P E T E R ’S - Novem­ ber activities of the Kinder­ garten children at St. Pe­ ter’s School, Lowvtlle, In­ cluded an early celebration of Thanksgiving Day, Nov­ ember 20. Children enjoyed their treat wtth candlelight as did the P ilgrim s . The children also visited the elementary lib r a r y at (Pboto hy C a r o l Koater) LowviUe Academy and Cen­ tral School for Book Week. While there, M r s . V ivian Smith, librarian, read to the children, after which they viewed video tapes o f fai­ ry tales. M r s . R o s e S w a r t z - man, lib r a r y volunteer, and M r s . Collete Vanyo, read­ ing specialist, accompanied the group. Y u l e G ifts F o r C o u n t y ’ s N e e d y A T N U R S IN G H O M E - C h r ist­ m a s t o r the residents o f B e n ­ d e r ’s Home to Pine Grove should be a little more cheerful t h is year. The wood­ w o rking c l a s s e s at Lowvtlle Academy, under the d ire c ­ tion o f M a r k Bennett, man­ ufactured seventy lam p s aa C h r istm a s gifts to r each of the people at Bender’s , Tbe students In the c l a s s ­ e s interviewed toe people at Bender’s and found that the lam p s were tbe m o i l want­ ed gift that tbe boys could manufacture. Other students in toe Academ y contributed tonds to defray the costs of manufacturing toe lampe. The lam p s were d esigned and manufactured b y toe students in assem b ly line fashion. In the top picture are m em b ers o f tbe c l a s s seat­ ed ai a planning s e s s io n with m a terials ln front of them. Tbry are. j u r a n d the table, do c k -w ise , Maynard Hirschey, Richard Crouse, M ike Robbins, R ichard C a m ­ pany (seated), John Veres, M r . Bennett, B i l l Pelo (seated) end Jeffrey J. M a r ­ olf. Abe act are M ike A s h - line and Floyd Sharp. In tbe second photo, D e n n is In g e r - so l l contributes to the fund with m e m b e rs of the claas, John V e r e s , Scott G raves and M ike Robbins collecting. B e a u t y p a g e a n t • . • At a ktck-otJ luncheon on Wednesday, U 12 , raein- b e n I f the L e w is County. Cham b e r e t Com m e rce aad tba Le w is County A g r icul­ tural S o c iety announced plena tor a M i s s Lew is' Comity beeuty contest to b e held soon in Lew is County and in coo- ton c tk* with to* M i s s Thou­ sand Islands pageant to be held in Watertown ls A p r il, 1074. Tbe Thousand Islan d s pageant and the L e w i* County beauty queen contest are in keeping with all the rales and regulations that pertain to th# M i s s Am e rica con­ test beld each year in A t ­ lantic City, N.J. Thin year, Lew is County w a s offered an opportunity to Join Jefferson County In its Thousand Islan d s pageant and, consequently, did send M i s s Janice F o s ter, tbe 1072 and 1973 Lew is County F a i r Queen to Watertown. M i s t F o s t e r exem plified a l l the necessary qualifications and did exceptionally well and w a s a runner-up i s tbe T h ou­ sand Islands pageant. This year, the interest o f the L e w ­ is County Cham b e r of C o m ­ m e rce arid the Leans County Agricu ltural Society ts at a new high aad plans are new underway to make tills one of the moet outstanding contests ever held ln Lew is County. Mem b e rs of the committee are Edward Selber, Paul Doing Well T e r r y M o s h ler, son o f M r . and M r s , Richard M o shler, Low v lile S t a r Route, recent­ ly returned home from a brief visit to Boston General Hospital, where be was con­ fined earlier this year u n d e r- extensive kidney surgery. He w a s found by doctors to be doing well aad eras told he would not have to return to Boston fo r another check-up for two years. He must, however, see h is fom tlydoc- tor every three months. Terry, now a sophom re at Beaver RtverCentralSchool, Beaver F a ll s , was the object o f an extensive fund raisin g d r ive, undertaken by the J O U R N A L and offlclcqls at B e a r e r R iv e r Central, to help toe fam ily during the ordeal o f the youth’s hospitalization. Other news media Joined the JO U R N A L tn promoting the project, Including Radto S t a ­ tions W OTT and W W N Y , W a ­ tertown, and W W N Y .T V , A total of about $2,800 was raised during the drive, H i e rem a ining funds, after nece­ s s a r y expenses were met, have been placed ln a special trust fund account for the boy’s possible future medi­ cal needs and education. F o r t s , Garth Yanchay ar.d G *. Aid R e e _ Tbe di.ee «osi, representing toe Lew is County A g r icu ltural Society, are B e r y l W. Freem a n , H a r ­ old W o o IsM a g e r , M y r c B L e h ­ man and Arthur Stanton. The plans o f the committee are to hold the event In the Lowvtlle area, being the cen­ tral location of tbe comity, and It w ill be staged with lavish lights, extravagant backgrounds and appropriate m u sical accompaniment to enhance this aa one of the outstanding events o f the win­ ter season. Paul Forte and’ B e r y l W . Freeman were ap­ pointed co-chairm e n of this event and they announced that applicants m u st be at least seventeen years o f age, single and a resident of L e w ­ is County to be eligible to participate. Applications a re being placed in the hands of all the schools ln Lew is County and w ill be available at the office of the Lewts County Cham b e r of Com ­ merce by contacting Stuart J. H a r r is, executive secre­ tary. M r . Forte, In a state­ ment released for publica­ tion, aald thla one o f the fin­ est rpporturities fo r -r,y. young lady to participate ln a sanctioned eantast which could conceivably end on tbe Boardw a lk of toe M i s s Am e r­ ica contest in Atlantic Ctty. It ta anticipated that the event w ill be covered by newspaper and tele v ision and should very well be one of the high­ lights o t toe winter season. Tentative dates set fo r tbe contest are February 23,19- 74, and a storm date of M a r c h 2. The Le w is County A g r icultural Society feels that they bare been privi­ leged to he able to parti­ cipate and give a young lady from the county the oppor­ tunity to enter a contest of this magnitude and the mem­ bers of the Board of D i r e c ­ tors o f both organizations are going all out to make this the moat outstanding event to come to me county In many years. F i r s t prize, in addition to becom ing L e w­ is County F a i r Queen, w ill be a scholarship offered by the Le w is com ity cham b e r of Com m e rce in excess o f $ 200 . A M e r r y C h r istm a s was assured fo r most Lewis Countians — young and old alike — thanks to the aid o f various clvtc-m lnded c iti­ zens and organizations. Because of tbe untiring e f­ forts and contributions of Santa C lau s e s fa r and wide, tbe le s s fortunate found Ch r istm a s a day of Joy. Beam ing faces and laughter found each household oo C h r istm a s , the greatest day o f toe year. The C h ristm a s Cheer p ro­ gram of Low v ille M e m o r ial Post 192, Am e rican Legion, in its 41st year, provided mittens, toys, puzzles, gam e s, scarves and candy tor m o re than 100 children tn toe area. The Legion Cheer bozea included mittens made by women o f the Presbyterian, Baptist aad Methodist churches, with the yarn being purchased from tow Legion's special Ch r istm a s Chedr ftmd. T h is year, Boy S c o o ts can­ vassed toe village for con­ tributions of money and toys fo r the program . A cart­ load of toys were obtained fo r Santa and h i s Legion helpers and $238.83 waa do­ nated to the ftmd. M r s . Inez D a v is, Glenfield, was in charge this year. Approximately 225 child­ ren under ihe helm of tbe L e w is County S o c ial S e rvice Department received gift* fro m St. N ick through funds contributed by the United Fund. Each child waa toe rectp’ant of various toys and article s of clothing. Mittens, •ox, shoes and slipper sox were contributed to tbe p r o ­ gra m by tbe Naum b u rg Men­ nonlte S m d a y School. Low v ille E l k s ’ Lodge, K l- wanla. Lio n s , servicem e n ’s organizations and lodges, churches and individuals throughout the county con­ tributed heavily to the effort. The LowvUle E l k s ’ C h r i s t - m a s Program provided clothing for about 350 needy children tn the lodge d istrict with about $1,500 sprat on tbe program . Mem b e rs o f the committee Included Douglas Logan, Lowvtlle, chairm a n ; Vincent Tennant, Copenhagen, Loren Schoff and C larence E . Wood­ ard, Lowville, John C a m ­ pany, Croghan, and Lyle Bradlsh, Lyons F a ll s . Annual C h r istm a s party sponsored b y the Low v ille Klw a n is Club was held Sun­ day at ihe V U lage F i r e HaU with about 80 children at­ tending. M o v ies w e re shown, Santa Clause w a s present, and refreshments were s e r ­ ved, Dennis K r a e g e r w a s HONOR S O C IE T Y -O n Tues­ day, Dec. 11, six seniors and nine Juniors were In­ ducted into the LsV e r n e A. Norton Chapter of the N a ­ tional Honor Society at Bea­ ver River Central School, Beaver F a lls, at an Induc­ tion ceremony beld ln the auditorium. A reception for toe faculty and parents of the new m e m b e rs was held In the homemaklng room fol­ lowing the ceremony. The new senior members are Susan Taube, daughter of M r . and M r * . Ralph Taube, Cheryl Schweitzer, daugh­ ter of M r , and M r s , Lewts Schweitzer; Melody Houpp­ ert, daughter of M r . and M r s . Arthur Houppert; John Sterta, son of the late M r . and M r s . Ralph Sterlajand Calvin Genzel, son of M r . and M r s , L e s lie Genzel. Jaim e Allegre, B.R.CjS. ex­ change student, from Mex­ ico, who is livin g with M r , and M r s , Howard Nortz and fam ily, was industed as an honorary member. New Junior m e m b e rs are Anne M a r ie Stanek, daugh­ ter of M r . and M r s . Joseph Stanek, H; T e r e s a Gener­ ous, daughter of M r . and M r s , Alfred Generous; Con­ nie Genzel, daughter a t M r , and M r s . L e s lie Genzel; Jam e s A, Monnat, son o f M r . and M r s . Anthony Mon­ nat; Sheila Lyndaker, daugh­ ter of Mrs. Doris Pokorney; Barbara Gilbert, daughter of M r . and M r s , George G i l ­ bert; Michael Nortz, son of M r . and M r s . Howard Nortz; Robert Cham berlain, son of M r . and M r s . Clifford Cham ­ berlain, and W illiam Monnat, son o t M r , and M r s . Gilbert M o n n a t In the photo, left lo right are: Row 1 -Su s a n Taube, C h e r y l Schweitzer, Anne M a r t e Stanek and Melody Houppert; Row 2 - Teresa Generous, Connie Genzel, Jam e s A Monnat, Sheila Lyndaker and John Sterta; Row 3 - Calvin Genzel, B a r ­ bara Gilbert, Michael Nortz, Robert Cham b e rlain, Jaime A lle g r e and W illiam M o n ­ n a t chairman of the program , assisted by committee mem­ bers Jam e s Burt, Ron F le t ­ cher, B i l l Lange, Jtm Davey and Ben Wood. G ifts of Ice cream , cookies, soda and money were presented to the children, A number of automotive servtce centers cooperated ln a program sponsored by Lowville Auto P a r t s , in which a number ot boxes o f food were provided for needy area fam ilies. Students at Low ­ vUle Academy and Central School, industrial arts pro­ gram , made gift lamp# tor guests at Bender's Hqme (or tbe Aged. Groups ot carolers from tiie county’s schools and churches visited the county borne and other nursing homes and shut-ins o f the county. Lewis County V.F.W . Auxiliary cooperated in pro­ viding a C h r istm a s party for area Senior Citizens, as well as sending dozens of cheer parcels to servicem e n who were not home for C h r i s t ­ m a s, G lo r y to God In the high­ est, andon e a rthpeace,good­ w ill toward man. That quotation from Luke 2:14 w a s to theme ot C h r i s t ­ m a s se r v ice s held in all churches o t Low v m e and Lew is County. The local churches — N a ­ zarene, Baptist, Bible Bap­ tist, F u ll Gospel, St. Peter’s Catholic, T r in ity Episcopal, United Methodist, Presby­ terian and Mennonlte — held special Yule p r o g r a m s and services, a s w e lla s provided various eharitable services to those in need. And in ihe background, working quietly a s is usually the case, TheSalvatlon Arm y was at w o rk b ringing cheer to the lees fortunate among people of tbe area. G r a f t U n i t O r g a n i z e s Lew is County C r a f t s , n marketing and training o r ­ ganization for local craffa- m ra, held its moat recent meeting In Low v iU e on No­ vember 28th to discuss specific crafts program s la d involvement for to* coin­ ing year. The orgaalzatlan is open to all persona In­ terested ln any craft area (knitting, weaving, wood­ working, leetherwork, lapi­ dary, quilting, ceram ics, pottery, painting, etc.) The groups is working to expand m arketing potential of L e w is Comity craftsmen b y inform­ ing them of available m a r­ keting outlets, hy offering training and technical a s s i s ­ tance ln tbe achievement of quality standards, and by m a k ing outlets available to to those with no possible means of transportation re­ sidin g to extrem e ly isolated regions, Tbe prim a ry pur­ pose is to Involve fow -in- come craftsm e n , helping them to im p rove craft qual­ ity, increase output, and pro­ perly label, price, and dis­ play crafts in ava ilable out­ lets. Aa a result, such craftsm e n would be mobili­ zed t o help themselves to earn needed, extra income. Efforts are being made to organize training workshops in various locations in ihe county. Though such ses­ sions would be open bo all craftsm e n whenever p o s s i­ ble, priority w ill be given to those with limited resources who wish to learn new c r a fts o r w ish to improve tbe s k i l ls they a lready possess. Local craftsmen w ill conduct tbe training, using inexpensive locally obtained m a terials whenever possible. A s m e m ­ bership grow s , an ultimate goal is to become able to purchase cheaper supplies for craftm ra by buying in large wholesale quantities. When necessary, Lew is County C r a f t s can provide payment to crafts instruc­ tors for services provided on a regular b a s is at certain training locations. B y advertising available outlets and offering market­ ing assistance, the groups can help som e craftsm e n to find marketing outlets fo r the very first time, help those already with outlets to es­ tablish markets tn other are a s , and help those unable to se ll enough products lo­ cally to find m a rkets in neighboring counties. In cases where craftsmen are completely without any possible means ot transpor­ tation, Lew is County Crafts can a s s ist tn finding volun­ teers who w ill take the c rafts of these isolated Individuals to outlets mi a regular be­ sts, Those wtth no means of transportation whatever in the Low v lile and North L e v is areas may call Randy S treet, e r at 378-2431 or 378-7313 from 9-5 weekdays. Those with transportation in Ihe South Lewts area may call Ken Sm ith at 348-8857, Ev e r y effort w ill be made to arrange som e m eans of get­ ting products to available market!* if the transportation need is genuine, A quality standard eom- m lttse is now being formed to assure the group that a “ quality” line of craft* will be channeled in participating outlets. TheCommtttee con­ s is t s of three o r four per­ sons who w ill meet once every two months to eval­ uate and offer constructive criticism when necessary of sam p le work of new mem­ ber craftsmen. If the work meets certain quality stan­ dards, the new members’ craft can then be marketed on a consignment basis ln participating outlets identi­ fied s s m e m b e rs of Lew is County Crafts. It anus s u g ­ gested that participating out­ lets collectively design an (Continued on Page 5 -B ) N E W D O C T O R - A new D o c ­ tor is com ing to theCroghan- Beaver F a n s area and plans to begin the practice of general medicine Monday, January 7, according to an announcement by Bernard Bergm ann, chairm a n of the B e a v e r R iver Health Se r ­ vices Cornell. Muhamm ad Ism a il, MJ3,, received his m e d ical degree at N lsh t a r M e d icalC o llegeln Multan, Pakistan, the land where he and M s wife were born. He served W s U.S. Internship at St. Luke’s Hos­ pital, Newburgh, and his re­ sidency In Internal Medicine at Jam a ica Hospital, New Y o r k City. Sin c e that time he has been ln group p r a c ­ tice in New York Ctty. A program ot precentive medicine has been suggest­ ed by D r . Ism a il to the Bea­ ver R iv e r Health Services Council. The Idea was well received and w ill be Im p le­ mented soon after the doc­ tor ls settled here. He has also expressed a willingness to make house calls on his patients when he deems it necessary. Mrs. Elbert Dalton has graciously consented to the use of the late Dr. Dalton’s offices in her home on a temporary basis until more (Continued on Page l-B) t

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