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Roslyn tablet. (Roslyn, Queens County, L.I. [N.Y.]) 1876-1877, January 26, 1877, Image 1

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MEHSPSTEA0. ONLY PAPER PUBLISHED ■ IN THE : TOWN ■ THE A Weekly Hocorilorilyn, of H Wowtkury, Fort Waekinglon f Manliasset on^Glenweod. VOL. II; .EOBLYN, QUEERS GOUJSTY,- L. I.. EEIDAY, JANUAEY 20 . ISYT. NO. 10 . .'I ’ ho Eirnt Early.. . iMlHK. AnmibolcCarty M ,, WiiHinvitcrtto ’ f, party, \ Your company from' four to ten, ” tfic iuvita- .^jiun Haid ; *'thd tlm maiden wan cldiKhtcd To think alio wr.H im'ited To wt up till the hour wlwui the big folkn wtjnt to bed, A ■ ' : \ . 1 he crazy littlemidget Han and told the nmv'H to Hridget, . - Who clapped her hundH, and danced a jig, to AnmiherH delight, And aiild, .with ttcconta hearty, o \fwiil bo the awateat party , If ye ’ ro there yerwolf, :rno , darlint ! I winh ifc- wnA to-night!' ’ , A L The great diHpky of frilling Wart poHitivoly. killing ; And, oh, the little bootiOH ! aud the lovely HUHh ho wide ! And the glovcH ho very ctmning ! 8he wuh altogether “ Htimning, ” And the whole McCarty family regarded her. with piyde. ; . Tlioy gave niimito directioha, With copimiH intcrjectionH . Of Onit iip Htraight ! ” and “ . ‘ don ’ t do. UiiH or that — ’ twbuld be abaurd ! ” '<$ Hut, what with their caroHHing, And the agony of drcHHing, A .• lifittH Amiahol McCarty didn ’ t Hear a Hingli word. There >va« muaic, there wuh dancing, And the night wan mont entranoiug, Aa if fairyland and IIoral band were holding • ■ . - jubilee ;• Thorn waa langliing, there wan pouting'; There waH Hinging, there wnH.Hlioiiting ; And old and young together made a carnival of glco. v ^ •• ■ •A \ • MiHlH'Ahhabe^MiiOarty ... W iih the. yomigfjHt at-tli'e'party, And every one., remarked that Khe wan heaUti- '. fully droHBod Like a'doll aho Hjit (iemiirely ■ On thOrHofn, tUiiilcing flnrely .. If would never do for her to run and frolic with A f the rent. The noino kept growing louder' ; The naughty hoya would crowd her ; “ I tiiiuk you ’ ro very rude indeed ! ’ ’ the little laly unid ; And then, without n warniog, : Her homo iuHtruetionH Hcorniug, She Hcreafned : “ / ! k :' if my myyi-r -nnd 1 vvmt to yo (/ ' A Need not hvtigh at her, nor Hcold her, - Poi ’ doubtloHBi if the truth,wore tuiuwu, we ’ ve often felt inclined . [To leuvc the hail or party, ■i- A h did Annabel McCarty, Hut wo hadn't hi^f her courage and wu conidnlt Hpoak our nd'hd'!~ h| 'TJuwpItini! pollard, Sl, j\'hholm\for February. and he | London gang, and he met young Caleott ' Iliil was a little nervous, j on the dock with facts enough to send him | couldn ’ t helj) showing it. i up j and ho iiiade^a idraight offer to him to ; p ji . any of your gang slionkt coine j stay with the east side gang if he didn ’ t j Ifere rtt night I ’ ll put you. up to a trick — j want to end Ins career for usefulness, und | .cut the wires : firs^ they run across tlie 1 Caleott, frightened at the i^rospeet of i road below the big. gate. Don ’ t be j going to prison, forgot his good resoln- iferyous. Do you see that ? — its gold. A SUMMAltY OV NEWS. <;ful Holuthni of the difllculiy. THE BURGLAR-PROOF MAN. A DETECTIVE ’ S STORY. I don ’ t Biippooo you feol',much interest' in bnrgliu's, nor nro tlioir habits a very (ilioico theme in polite literature ; but. thou tlmt occitrroneo.nt Glen Spring was really an extraordinary affair. I was on tlm polieo force at the time and know ■ Calico Charley well. His father was olio of the best maohiuiats in the oountry, aud he took more iiaiiis to make a man of Ills hoy than the follow deserved. The old man had a little numhino ahop mul dfai 1 the boy (Jhaiioy.with him — a bright, smart bliap he was theii. When he-was twenty-ono he got to bo ]>reUy lively about town, for the old man had saved up a hmulaome property aild let Charley have more money than was good-for him. Then'they .got up a new safe'look, and it made a big stir, and I believe they wont into that sort of thing pretty heavy. Any way Charley went over with the lock to the ilrst world's fair in London. There ho got tripped up. I never hoard exactly how it was. They put up a wicked job on him of somo.'kind, dnd got him luixodup-with aprot-ty.had London ‘ mob. ” The story that wo heard was shouldn ’ t have boon picked, Any way. ho got in with the wrong crowd and they wouldn ’ t lot go of him. He stayed over there about five years and got to be a regular flrst-oiass sneak, and worked half a dozen jobs in the most soioutillo man- ' nor. We got word from Scotland Yard that ho wuh coming back, and I dropped in at the phi: mail ’ s place, to try and fliid out something. Old Oulcott (that was his name) had: got rich. What with his bank look and ■ilia other-inventions, his mean way of living, and his luek in buy ­ ing some down town property before people had an idea bow big the city was going to be, he ’ d come ’ to .be a regular nabob. I couldn't got a word onto! him 'about his. boy. He said he ’ d given him - up, and was going to retire from biisi- noss. Money must have come in pretty fast then to the old fellow. Ho showed me half a dozen patents that he was- going to so, 11 put ; any one of ’ em must- have,been ffioftli a pile of dollars.; ' Now I ’ tmnk of it, it was .Caleott who .put the first Erauklinite in an iron safe. . and ho invented tho'ruhbor ilaufje which' presented.the,thieves from using the- air pump when they wanted to blow up a safe. ' , It hoouih that when young Caleott started for America he'd made up his mind to ent his London nequiSntunilos , and tricks, and: live honestly by going . back to,the old man. None of ns know it at tho time. Well, when ho got here a .envious thing., happened. Wo had a man in the central ollleo by the name of Meehan, who was ill with an east side, mob. He wan broke about a year al'b'r- wai-jl. Moolmn had got word from the lions, aud joined the thieves. It was in the winter of ’ 65 that the places along tho Hudson river wore broken into by a river gang. You may recollect it. Judge Selicnherfeornhi house.at Glen Spring vyas entered one. ^ , . ___ ___ ._ night aild robbed of §50,000 worth of ; ter, standing there in fibroid caileo wrap- property. The papers made a good deal ■ per. Bill Ketehum w-atching him with oiie of fuss about it, and we had three or ’ eye and wondering whether he was im four men working at it. One day Mntti- ] sane or just the smartest man he ’ d ever son comes into the office with a copy of j met. He had an idea that it was just the 1 the Glen Spi-hig //(.raid, and says: i easiest thing to knock him over as he' “ Look at this. Here ’ s a go, Read j stood there and walk off with the plunder, that, ” And he pointed out an advertise- ] But that hint about the telegraph stopped mout. This is the way it road: .him. Then the old man showed him out, “ All burglars, house breakers, sneak ..and when he got into the hall ho says : thieves and assassins are hereby notified I “ iYou ’ re the first peddler I ever saw flint that I have over $60,000; worth of coin, carriod a revolver in his breast pocket, ” jewels and silverware in my house,! Bill started n little, for lie had an idea which they are welcome to if they will | that Oolcott must have seen it. come and take it. No dogs, servants or - ‘ f-Ho, ho I ” says the old man;so you : itstemio down from above also. Ho saw laborers about the plnceh The house is ! have got one V ” in a minute that he was beaten. The a mile from nn.y,other residence, and the : The last thing ho said to Junius he was two halves of the shutter would come to only occupant is mi old man, not in very , going down the steps was : “ You ’ re good health, by the name of -■ i not smart enough for tins job, my man. ” “ J ohn C ax /CO jt . ” Ketchum told his fellowsthat he was “ It's some old lunatic, ” says I, “ who | never so clean winded in his life. “ I hasn ’ t got money enough to getxspeilit.” ' felt so riiean when X, was coming away, ” “ No, ” says Mattison. “ They say ,np ,j says he, “ that I ’ d half a mind to reform there he ’ s worth half a million. Ho lives : and cut the profession. ” -- i in a fine house all.by himself about two i Well, not to make the story too long, the. miles from the depot. ” ! upshot of it was that Ketchum, a fellow It was a three days ’ talk in the office ! by the nttnio of Welter and Jack Frost and then we forgot it. Hut the adver- put up the job to crack the old mail ’ s tisement was kept in the paper, and one ! place. Ketchum and .Frost, Lthink,: day it seems Tony Frost, down atHobb ’ s | went into the business from a.kind of Ferry, struck it. That was the way it pride. They considered they had been got to the gang. They pooh-poohed it ' elmllengod and it was a point of honor ns “ chaff, ” but Frost it seeins went up ' to take tin- old man st his word, to Glen Spring, poked: about, sifted the ;■ They got up there one dark night in thing, rccounoitored the premises hud- May and laid liy till-long after.niiduight.: ' Then they got over.thc feiiceuudsneaked up to tho honse, Tiiey were all heavily armed, and, I forgot to say, were delayed some time looking for the telegraph wire, which they couldn't find, of course, there not, being any. Fancy their, sur ­ prise when; lifter crawling round the place for a spot, to tn-bnk in, they found that the front door was unlocked and the 1 hall dark. It had been agreed that old: Caleott should he shot at Sight if.he in ­ terfered. ■ ’ . There was a good deal of anxiety in opened, they were tft step inside quick- ly,- One of them was to stay at Hit.. door to keep the egress open; tlie Other j item* «i interc-it (rom Umuc uinl .Miroiul was to go up stairs and secure the vatu- • President Grimt, in an order to Gem Auger, ubles. TlieV had two jimmies, a cold : of New Orleans, nmtuius the Packard govern- ci'dsel aud a ’ lot of other traps of Char-i >n™t in the foliowing language- : It has been Ir.v ’ o HIM vnn fiini see down tlieve at the i ,hu I'okcy ot tlie, administraifoii to take no xi in ■ 11* , „„ leys, tnat von ean seeunwn tnere ' 1 p ;1 rt in tfto.settlement of the question of tlie Feel the weight of it. These are dm- ce.ntad.offiee m.aglass ease. ; rightful government iutheStnteof boalBiana, monds. Can you tell a real spark when They found the front door unfastened J at least not until the Gongi-essioual committees you see it? I should say they were .is before. Charley pushed it open, and i now there have mndc their i-epoi-t. Hut it in r worth, in the market, between $30,(100 1 tUifvbolii steppeil quickly imd stealthily : 1104 Ilro pci- .to sit quietly by ana see the State ; j;„dor the niTiingemeat for the settlement of and W0, ” ’ • ’ •: ^it a .uomeut, ” ; I Tlie old man kepfc up this kind of :pat-. : M^lnspered; to companion, and ; by ille^nl mtians. Tlie Bupicmc court'not uj) by flic of H ouhp S' nnriy ohooBiuc i& mvli Blrilaiij? a match ; “ 1 want to see how ; >ir. NichollB can receive no more recognition j moin i )0 , • ’ ‘ D, •», *« - -- b -» works. ’ ’ With that he atTitek | tken .ttny.otheiv, eijimi nSV^A r of ^ ’ ' v ^ c ' rfl . v ' , ' “ A|hgUfckhd took a see the , „ . . . me .flint serew wrench and be quick. ” In ' minTstei-hd iioiiorsovijr the laiuiit of the votes f Utinttr-iiiw ..'been .gntsl 1 tiiHm, - the lesa.than two minutes he had the groove imd in deelaring tho result of tho Into clootwn, ,, h , j U3 t iOTli cutford, Miller, Strong and Field. ... ..... . ..... - - - .................... - hwo.given eertiflcutes^ of election to the login- ] These four ni-o to M-lect ahlfth. To tho coimnil- daiittoii of tho army. : diiconrsi-s on the Prosi- donttal nnestion, and ciinoludoi* in theso words : “ Beiicviiig that Mr. Tildcn roeeived a majority of tho whole number ’ of electoral votes, wo nledgo him our hoartv and r ::-.i]imlill«l support in tho full exercise of his r.uthority ill con­ formity witli the Constitution aud laws of tho land.\!.....A smooth-tongued mau in >V»II street, New Vork, succeeded in getting cash for forged f 0-1,250 clieek on, tlm Union Tnlst Co. odes tiies,-, of for »!•\ With that he slruek ! than any other, t-muil iiutnhorof lawyers con- ; mulll | x .,-s of tlm suiaeme'lnmcli. scleoted frnm 1 a good look at tho, door- i J?'! c^ 0, 1 'l' an -\ ’ ’ .. Jp!!-!' ,, ' ’ ; 011 x at „ S V 1 - ihe wlmlo Jaunlier according to geogrnphicat le trick ” savs he- “ give i A mtimiirig boaid, exnduih in accord- | dirisioiiH tif the country. Accordingly it is Im ­ re cl uk , says ne, give anc0 j aw , m d -having judicial as well as , ,,, ft i,i n. -i <idrd ei-dith and el, Olid he-mnelr \ Ti, ,.i ------ - ... noyett 11)0 JUUgoS or me nisi, mini, t ) 0 nui ana in' ‘ fejiieli tho steel shutter moved so pinehed that no earthly power could have.made the thing work. “ Now go on, ” nays he, ami with that Frost crawls up .the stairway. He hadn ’ t any more aW^ot to flm top when the iroir shnt- ter begun to appear — coming up through ,„. cc i, m ia (io the floor, mid to Charley ’ s-astonishment i t 0 disperse. Tho order of President Grant to Gen. Auger followed by the proclajnation of Gov. Paekitid, laturo of thb Btate. , v . .. . H oubo bolding buc U cei'tifioutetj, met Clared 3Ir, Paclwud govoruor. ' Should bb a heeessity for the recognition of must be Mr. Packard. You may furriiBh n of this to Mir. I ’ acknrd and to Mr. Nieholis, Upon receipt of this Gov. Packard issued a; oclamation ordering tho Nieholls government lijited n xvideBprend oxdtcmcnt in NoYAOrlcaiiH. It was believed hi that city that the administra ­ tion at Waaliingtou would not ihterfore aoYoVig force was not iised by either side, and the camo down to tho city /with a idg ynrji for his pals. His report was thut tlie oldluoy ” had got a sign on Jiis fence informing cveryhpdy that passed that hero was the unprotected house full of valuables thut the river gang didn ’ t dare to watlr into; He whs Sure, too, that' there wasn ’ t any gammon about the stuff, for he ’ d found Out that, old CJftlcott was immensely ricli aud kept nearly all Ids wealth in liis house. NoWj I don ’ t suppose it ’ s reasonable that a regnhir (•racksman should bite at any such bait as 'his; but T(>iiy. I« ’ rost Jdhe headqnarters of the ghng thatiiiglijj, kept poking away at it, and one day for this job had been talked about ibr Ai somebody in : tlie.; : ^ahg;too — :;1 ' — ■« • i ..-i . much to have iJu) ; i)rofessiou- niflUltcct;; in'; the old duffer. After that TYmy Erost ^eut to tho house, got up as a tramp, l^uiiried the hack door. Tlie moment he knocked , it flew open, and ah' old minds voice hailed hpi over tho stairs: ‘ ‘ Hallo there, wiiattl ’ you want ? ” “ Summat to oat, if yer please, ” . says Tony, sliuftling in and taking a good look around. “ Go dowii and try the .. kitchen, ” • shouts tlie old nmh, “ and don ’ t stand gaping round that way; There ’ s bread down stairs. H yon want to examine the hogse, come up when your belly ’ s full-, and IT! sboy/it to you. ” , With that Tony goes down the way he came and walks into the kiteiien, wiiere a little girl was'washing dishes. She gave IpiTi some bread and meat and talked.; quite freely. To his astonishment she told trim tlmt the old man had lots of money in the house. She ’ d seen it. ►She told told Imn- that she lived in the village and went homo every hight. He must have made a favorable report, be- caiTse jt ^asn ’ t long after, that when Bill K<&l}hi^-yhiis the ringleader of the ri'ver - gan g, tl um gl i t l l h , d ; :|,i dee a. l^idt nt' the In nine, Soupjie goes, playing Hie part J of a peddler, and drops the neatest little pack in front of the place when he. the sign. There it was sure enough, nicely lettered in red bn a white ground, and invUin^ all burglars, house break ­ ers, sneak thieves and assassins to conic and take what they could get. The house stood a good ways back from the- road, and as Bill went up the wide path he had a g<)od chance to take in the dwellmg. Itnyi'as a large brick house with a high stone foundation mid an iron tile pinch in the iron and leave not six inches space — through which no human . , t b^iug-could escape -So he jamj fl.o j ; “ 0 S™ a S, pilimy upright mto the groove to keep ; the Packard over tho NichollB govorn- UYe irons apart, imd calls out to Frost in ; ijiont, caused the exoitoment. -A dispatch savs Ahoai ’ se whisper to come back. Jack,! that an Hiioii .ns tho faetB hociime known the AVtls; in the upper hull, and, getting (-^ots . were crowded with people, Jmt that no «ml, makca V hold, ruali ddwn the j f ‘ ,S tS.uhXul thAtto tli “ < stairs, catches his toot m something and I no attention to Gov. Packard ’ s procliumitioh, lands all in a heap at tlie bottom, knock- ; but woiild ciaitinuo their govorniaent, not Inter- ihg Charley ’ s liglit into smitliereens and j ferine with Pnckia-d imlcHs nttiielicd, when they Making a most infernal noise. Caleott/} w °hldrcHistr ns diw'ctotLby tho LouiHiRim Doin- tew smart ouougli, tliwigh, to hold jimmy steady so as to keep tlie shutters | U n HG . Gen. Auger said that lie conBidcred the apart, and after Frost had picked liiin -1 Prckidcnt-'H-' order an not recognizing either self up and tlioy had both listened, with- i hraticli, ImYnhould await further instructiouH, qiit hearing anything, ope of ’ em says | ' vllic!l w :* hourly expected. With an oath: * ‘ Wo ’ re ib a box; let ’ s get out. ” It was Frost. “ No, you don ’ t, ” says the other. “ We ’ ve couio for. tlie stuff this time. I never was beaten yet at this sort of a game, and I aiMfeboat yet. Take your i shooter, fol ­ low me up and show me the ivay. ” They got. up to the top of the stairs. Tt-wiw still as death, and Caleott lights a biill ’ seye. Frost was getting jiretty shaky.* So Charley savs : “ Bhow me tlie room, ” and with his lamp in one hS|ftl niid a pistol in the other he pushes ipf leaving Frost there in the hail' watch ­ ing the square hole in ihe : door,'between the shutters, an (1 expeetinM every niinute '« A fln wn | maiMboi^HiUii^oiupoiio l VatO i Io . ke referred the quotUionB relating to thp diri- u !| . uicr ® puted StnteB, which arc undorntood to he ciuicr, it p| orj,j^ f LouiBiuna and Oregon. The coinmit- ' tco.-cojiipoaed of memherB of totli hmiHOfl and .exports, nri many other coimnittecB have hcen formed, notably tho silycr eomiHiasion, will report itn eonchwiona to tho two hoiiBCH, and itw report wilUtond uii I ckb both I ioubcb unite in rejecting it. •Finally, tho measure will conic into operation as nmrn an it is pnHHed aud, nigncd by. tha Proflident, imd the count of tlie veto will not therefore wait until the umml time, Urn fourteenth of Fobruftry, hut will proceed at once; Tims the. country will be the booner re ­ lieved of its anxiety. ....... Gen. Augur, comman ­ der of tho Department of the Gulf, sent to Gov. Packard, of Now Orleans,Av communication charging the latter with mmropreHcntiug the state of iifrairrfjJiere. Goy. Augur denies that ho has made any request of either cl aim unt, but says he did Hon'd in embers of his staff to “ m- qhiro \of both if it were not poHsible for them to make some nrrnngemout which would result iu the dispersion to their homes of tho armed men on both Hides. This could not be const mod uh Intelmeddling with, the.politics of the Bin to. « It was i;imply a HuggeHtion, ’ ' Hays Gen. Augur. ‘»in thodntoroah fts I'thpught, of pence, mid to give n nmmont rt quiet to the citizoiiH of tltis excited city, ” The NchraBka Legislnfure after ninny ballots elected ex-Gov. Saunders United BtatOH Honiir- tor . ... Daniel Price, ivcolored man, was hanged nt Wnrrentpn, Mo., for -the murder of a colored man iiiJhly last, Tlie doomed man died jmb ' testing liiB inhOceuce ,..... Tho Turkish grand couheu, after Yi, Hpiriled. dobate, rejected tlie f muled doht of MiiflaaolhiHetts, according to the report of : the auditor, in £83,550,000. The cost of tho Hoosac tunnel and Troy and Green* ’ eld. railroad has been £17,200,07!)., .... Two Rnow ekauerrt on tho Now York Cenlral were killed by a locomotive near Buffalo and three otherH injured. ..,, .Gcii. Julian Queroga, a prbihlHohtrMexiean connected with'the Into JUwdo government, was Hcized on Jiis ranch and shot Viv.ohc of Diaz ’ s adhereuts .. ...Hon, John A. McCall, donutv ingunmee superinten ­ dent of New York, in his report upon the Se ­ curity. life iiisnranco company, eliargett tho ofli- of the company w ith falsifying the accounts and of perj . - - -----The Amor: nosed to liavo he The oyster their ihisimmiigoment. n Bhip George Green is Http- lost off tlie Irish coast..,. .. hoonor Virginia, of AunnpoliH, ^qoil while, and ICetehum hntl Hthkeil liia ■ tlmt it would elbRe up . ) It 'Muafc have rebiitatiou on it. ; ' Dutch Morley, bciore Caleott came t'm fclio rV>ad abduf.Ywic > 'Tiri.^' i ^i^fe~II : e Tthrt4Vie IniiijJ' in b and yet, aud nortli'of the house with iv iVtsC^tenm to|TFMMthaw that he wim na white.uo »t oheet., caiTy off the “ Mvag, ” aild -iuTiihgem&its>j-.A4i-:ke said, was.: “ Come down-^it ’ s no had been made at Dobbs Ferry to dm^ i gu. ” A- >' ' und ent. a • •-? -. -:! ’ ^When.tbey got to the bottom, theshut- tffes separated and iTiimppenreil; iuut,tlie men ivrdkod out. “ Where ’ s tlie plun ­ der*? ” asks Frost. • “ .I huv ’ n ’ t got it, ” says Charley ; j ‘ I tell you it ’ s no use — tl le man ■ is l>u rglar-proof. If yoi i don ’ t believe it, g<) back and try it you reelf. Fin oft' ! ’ ■ / With this cock and I ’ mll story/they got buck,; to thoiv remlczvous. And it was never known, I dqi ’ t believe, till I hiter- iewed Calico Charley up there at the j pcakc and. six of olhcors of RoviioUtiB eontinuc to enforce tho three per cent, tax c:. the merchaiitfl of Mata- by bicaldug into and i>lundcring stores. stoop. i 1 hbro~wtftfiJ t “ a “ shutteiv-n--i«iir- of blinds, on tlie place. And if anybody had tried to set it afire he would have given up the job us a bad one. Ketchum got in through tlio wihdow. He had a lot of things in his pack that tickled the fancy of tlio girl, and he let her amuse herself vvitl^ them while he ate a sandwielt she had- given hipi, and asked her a lot of sly questions. But lie eotildn ’ fc get much out other, simxdy.be- eauflo she didn ’ t know aijything, so ho made up his mind to interview the bid man and pokes about till begot up stairs, and was hailed over the hftlusterH : “ Well, now then, what do you ivaht, hay? ” •' / \ 1 Nish gloves, iieektise, soaps sheep, ” says Ketchum, pushing up. ' Dutch Alorley waited till day begun to break, ami then • only two of his inen turned up. They were covered witii blood, and one of tliem hmV his am broken. Welter hud been left behind .difiabled. Tlioy Imd not one ■ounce of plunder. The story they told ivas-u cu ­ rious one. -The whole gang gob round them when . they reached their dive,l and put .the questions to them fast ' and thick. • ~ • “ But you fixed the old fellow ’ s flinty aUyhow ? ” said somebody. “ We didn ’ t see him at all, ” answered Ketchum, dolefully. u No, we were in the dark. Wliyj a lamp wouldn ’ t burn ftuyonoro ’ n a stone. Wc liked to sutt'o- cate.” . ,. • . - “ Oh,v that ’ s ; thiii, ” says another; “ .why didn ’ t'you go out into the air. ? ” “ Becimso we eoiuclu ’ fc. get out; we were iaHteued in like rats, Every bin ­ der and.door elosed, up. with n steel shuttor qu thovinside as tight as a rich man ’ s pocket.. There ; was only one way out;~-dpwn a back staircase outside, about twelve inches wide; only one of. us could go at a time, ami. when wo reached the bottom something loll bn us: inturih ” last priipoHitiim of the European jiowerH, innidHt great oXeitonu-nt imd ciiioH of “ Death bofori* diHhcmor. . .-During an election in tlm Ciina- tlian town of Do Lisle, a free light occurred;be ­ tween the French and K uk U h I i roughs, in wliicli the townImll wan conipletely wmkcd ..... .A h an outgoing train Htopped-iil ft'croHHiug in Ghioa- go ’ H city liniitH, three masked men entered tho express ear and overpowering the messenger imd baggageman broke open the Saffy which contained ^55,000. worth of valnablefl. in their luiBte, howev/r, they secured hat #143 in cash . and Boino dfft ’ ftH, with whiislv they OBcapod ........ Tho rcubrt of New York city ’ s snp'omitemk'iit of biiiluings h H owh tlmt in 1876 plans were mih- initted for l,}}79 hew buildings, being twenty - . ............ „ . .......... 0 ..... , r .....___________ nihe leBB tlmn iu l87ih Tho .innonnt exponded Tluiy «iuriiid- off. tho. fufilit.uro of a prominent, for new buildiiigH and nltcrationB aggregated citizen n sliort time Hineo, lenving his family in | 'J, 533,7 1H, ;nguni 1 • 140,323 the previQiiH an empty houHe. .... . Advices from the Gape of j year. .... . During 187(5 there arrived nt Castle Good Hope, Africa, are to .the effect that the i Garden, New York, 75,S7f> iinihigraiits, ngaihst Zulu king will not hermit British occupancy of i Hi, 500 in 1875, 110. (Ml in 187-i, and over 2 0,000 the territory in dispute between the Dutch re- ' each your back to I80ii ...... Dotoctives have public arid limnjulf.und haH*talionedS,000 armed j nriosted Horace K. Brown, the adroit forger - witrrioi;H to prevent ; Hie . EhgliBh ; posHeHsing j who pussed the (100 ehoc-k in New York city. thoinBeVves of the:territory, as requested by the i ..... .Geo. Wells, one of Aiina^wjlis ’ (Md.) most Dutch. respected citizens,, timm out to have been a do- TI iob . W. Ferry lies lioeii I'e-iileotcrt United i feuWln thoimiii of *85,000 from tlio bn.ik df Bt:iteH.;Bemitor from Michigan....... .JameH G. [which he was president. _ , cteofiid Hoiifttoi- by- tlio Maine Legis- J u.m. (ii-oiifii F. Hour wa« oloofod United •Status Hcimtor by the MisHnchiiHolts Legtshi- . . .. -.- .. , tore; oil the Jifth joint, hiillot ...... The rinclef- Flutedfioimtoi- ti-ontAtnnioHotn. i -i s miroadiiiK-do »udi #n KXtouU» During tlie coi'orief ’ B iiupicBt upon the • ( ,f . it... • .d.iMiHter, EYA ! laturii for the nhort term ending March next, ami for the long term ending in 1883..,.. YY Windom watt i ’ ctiins of t he Ashtabula 1 r;®5 j 'im™m\ ‘ f !- ‘ vul) Jjhy S . Conn,, \ Em ope that England bau prohibited irtiition of cattle, Hliccp. dial goiihi from . ,• :n iwl tl.tl.Vii-IVii , : ' \Vl(lhi priflon, that ho hiwl'Uioi;' biS ; oiyn faiher j Bcebout, chief engiiiei tiiat night. According to Charley's slot -y eompimv, . fcsUtlcd that he had examined th' hi lue — rtlie.oUl inim-Boiil lui a>aii-1.^ ingYpi him. And ho struck was tlm sou | noj- and tlmt Home of them laid slipped oat of with remorse that ho lost all his pluck place. He found Home of . tho braces, with the and coolness; Whether he ever went |:ciids alijjped uway ti) uccoiiiiiiddate IhS tenaion buck.to tho old mini tiflov ho got rid of i r°d)), mluriiig fholi-du-ca.of oeotioiy tlifii-oby h.tt iSfll Tb..vmi«vo,' hniivJ ■ ' , impniving to Home extent their ability to por- tnyinl I nau imvei henul. ...- form theu' dutioH ; he thought this a very .ma ­ lt was all fixed by the old man s in- [ tciialiujiuy totlic structure .... Tlm ArkansuH goiinityA; The house was all wires and . Lcgislatim* dltictcd A. IT. Garland to be- tho levors i'rpnv one end, t'other. He could i Tntxtoss'or of.Towoll 'Olaytohjn tlm Hcuato. . turn tlie whole Thou i\ hall ton of charcoal into his. 'furnace ! Tglcsias I jub asked to bo allowed to retire to j >vith ibAoxcopiloji of ouo little bov wi and kill everybody hi tlie place, unless! life. Diaz has thus dispofted of flic last | p u| . |M;( j' & -aeiitb ...... Nimjemi imidontiiicd (\vefybbdy crawled out of the one exit, i Tu;. i bodicH taken from tlio wreck of tlio A h I i I u I iu I u and then the old fellow had them at h ‘ niojfcy, on e by one, ‘ The last time I heard from Charley j water, n'ml dofeated him with tho loss of alj the j ' H j 101 q, n/rni .. 'The* smallpox has almlccl lionicwhat in Manitoba, although tlio luortalit; and ' Belgihm . — .While lasting on one sled in i ’ rciV- 1 / Icait occurred by which one of Ilieiu Imd both legs hroki-n.' anfitUcr, oho 'log ; broken, a third Imdjy cut m l ho gtoah and tho other four more or lean injured. . . . . .While ; Mrs. Connoi H, a marlu't woman of M omphis. was wheeling her truck from the, market to her residoneo at Bcycn o ’ clock In iho evening an ansnsHin crept behind lieV ipitl out her tluoat, Hovering tlu? jugular vein and* euuHing death, .,... A tiro in Pronoott,- Ark. f 'dostroyed a row . of wooden dmildiugH occupied by btimtuiH i a crank up in,Ids bedroom and shut i K}'! Irom Mexico statoK that Diaz having jumHCH, canning a I okk of ^IVJKK). . ..... Tho , wholo house up as_ti^lit nH. a drum. i nttackciUliH cntnnv urGuanaImdo' 1 connmmdSi i 4tir, . nnn / nf ’ . ,in . U i . ,l r' Vlnin »iu o U „ml* nIio ’ d Hlip ilowii.lilto. hiH colh-I', ■toi-ii j l, v (ion. Autilfoi.', mill totally ilofonU-d liim. uuMv oSSteSStto'ttii''I'nilillnij ,r .... — 1 ’•«' « ...... wo IgloHiiiB inis aalaal to la, alU.wort to .-utii-o to \lU o “ \o ,l\oi, ^ 088 I J ’ nvKti! lid), liniy, iina tinia tlisiiiiW or tho la»t I .......... Ninoicoii imliloi.tilkxl fit. i ! ’ / l ” ij Ol ’ poiioilts to till) jH-OHulonoy ......... On j |,„ ( Hoa Inlicu from tlio OTeoli of tlio Aalitnlmlu I .* tho piKliicontii of Jtooiimhoi- fi|i-Go compniiiea , , lril Wwor6 inn'iml witli imfirooHivo Borvk-orf. ... | \ l .Ui«Jugli«ilnfim»ry, milter Uflut. .InmltU. ! , r „ m g B K nniiov )m» boonoleotoil i.v tlm.Ton-. . ' i Itoklwin, straek hittim,\J!ulV« enmi) mtlio ltod- i , |I1SKCt , :j,a K i 8 i,ifin-u to hoi - vd oh son.itoi- M-tlm . | property' camp -and sixty mules/ and [ imd lie vowed lie would got squaro oh j opened by any i old Oalcott. ; - / j out its ringing t With- that he sots out to find Odl/co ! bid in ------ ---- , — ..... . f tmi liuliims is stiU largo. ..... The intor- vonuo couimiiiHionoi hnH been obliged to tall for help from tlio army to put down tho Tlmt was KetohuM ’ s account ot ‘ ft. Frqst was the billy phicky qne of tlie | the warden said lie had invented a • , m T ,. . . , -... ..... . > a w, lot. He (lulu, ’ t beliove- in witejierntt, ■ patclt lock for flip.cells tlmt ooulil not bo j !*j5|^hiVHicv&To1i.tS^Jon5 ™ 0 ; An ! “ ,U0, , ‘ K 11 one but the keeper with- j i-arthimnlm ooein-i-ed in bontiiomCalifornia. ... i ! Oj\ 'my 1 tlie nlurin bell. — Wm-kl, Minnio BlnHi-r, of Payton, Ky., drowned ! n'unmroua iilioit- atills in Aim'inountniumia ilis- ; liei'aiilhnud inlaiit olilld ivhileiuiiaiio.lroiii ptu-r-j the yoittlKiviiSfijitei. Ho eatimaUni tin- Olipvley. w to wns the best Mtm m the Hot Halt for a Shark. -! K* '* 'oV ,<! iu ” K ,, &TwLri ? bulwarks A,Sr of failnk-a in tito uStoii y, pooKmg — oyei . -i-ne tnuwnihs of tlio , f(ir th0 ,S7li ,is 9,002, witii liahllt- sehconor, suyH ll wi-iter, I . Saw one of | q c . H annumting In AiOl,] 17,7H(;. An 1875 the eoncei'ned. The very next day but one after this, altenqil ou\. Onleptt ’ H liOitae, the' Glen Spring Ifci'itlrl bad afihfiier nothy) like this : - - ■ j ; / “ The attempt to roh mv -'lmhse on Thursday night, which fuiie,4mKi,:Cnm- pletoly, should not frightpn oilier thieves from making the trial. F4- tlie iiext- thirty days there will be morf gold- rind 1 silver on the premiHea than: wer, bolore. “ Jons avfcOTr. ” - Frost got hold of Oalieo (Qyudey aild explained tlie whole thing tqlilm. None of tho giuig knew- Charley ’ s Hjht name, aiid I don ’ t think hi) was tolqthe name of the man they were to rob. Frost ex? plumed to him ‘ tlmt it was Uiejiteol nhnt- “ Didn ’ t yon read tho warning to pnd- tors that “ knooked' them, ! and lie dlers on iho feiuio. Aint you afraid of i ihought now they Imew tho tjiok one of tlio dogs ? ” Hliouted thoold-nian. i them could wedgo the iron anl keep ’ the- “ Warnin ’ ! ” says Bill, .giving hijnsfilt exit open while the other sjeared the ttwny.\ property; : At all oveuts. thtjtwo-men “ All right, ” sings out the old man, . rooked up a now job mid miidi/ Rnve that quicker tlmu liglitning. “ .You ’ re no j they woukV haul the whole Ode, ns-we peddler. You want to seo my property, j say, Charloy, who was a earelul worker, Como up. i ’ ll show it to you. ” .. i Wont at the tiling systematically; got his Well,; this stumped Bill it good deal;; ! tools ready, sent Frost off t<| i-ecouuoi- btn ho plucked up and followed Galeottin- tor, and ‘ tallcod vej-y little. -They were tp itn upper room, keeping one eye round him anil taking in everything lint mak ­ ing a great show of trmlo. -s::'.. “ This room, ” says Caleott,ieAjdiero 1 I sleep. There Isn ’ t any loek i)n : tIi«jiTet>r ) and tins room ih whorel; keep my'imbifey. ' There ’ s the safe — I huver'loek it, Itere, I'll show yon.-w-lmt ’ e in it — stand still — because \riieu I pull the door open it starts a telegraph fiinohine, imd three of tlio best-men in theeo-unty:start from .t-he village- — they're officefa. ” With that , lie jerked tho door open. ... about two- weeks getting ready. •' Hr spite of all tlioir pams to keep it (tfirk, the. 'gang got wind of the affair, and of course .they wore all Very nmioua tti sue how it would Dome out. ChWey and his pal lyont up to a litfle sktjon about threo mih-H north of Hlen Hprlng, and started . down at night on foot. It was so dark when ; they got to the house that they could not see the sign. There wnsn ’ t tho. glimmer of a these wretched monsters winding lazily j failnnw mimhei-c-d 7,ri0,witli liabilitios imiomit- hatffcwanl and forward like a long me- i mg tol$201,0(i0, 859; In the Dominion of Claniala tfeor; sometimes: rising till his nose dis- j tho fifffiireadn hfiOwero 1,728 with Jiahilitie.a tiu-bed tho surface, mid a gushing sound pm ’ \™ *28 ’ r W,\!!? [ike a doop breath rose through tlio j liubiliticH. In tho United StatCH tliore aro «30,-: bremiors} 'at others, resfciii^ YnotionleHH -• oyo.ptuqilc- in biiuiuesH, and in the Domihion ot on , the water, ns il liftteniiif? to our voices, i iGanadu, 51,232. ^ ftiul .thirsting tor our blood, wo. were t goyevninent of Iiidift has forwarded it { . ; AvatoUhig tlie niotioiifl of this moiiflter; to . Itojidon, uBti | A Boose Lord. Hut VbA .loauildit'to rtP .la j ,n,l O n 8 tho total OOflt to tho Btato on account of ; U JH'm. ^..HX>k-aMggefltod.-the.posflibUity of. de, . mot tvorUa-aiul-Atlicr hicttmitfes-. for mitigating-jv ;■ , xn r . ...... , . , . - . v - / .>, stvoying it. Thjfl was briefly to heat u f tlio famine in A tad ran and Bombay nt $32,500,- ij Wl»y cbd not Homo. rie]r ; Amencim gjrl tlie bnok in the stove, Avrap it up hastily I OOO, . .,:. N«igotiut|qnfi v have, bijbii . (ipeneid be-1 buy up YiBoqunt AhviuBt('me, who fluid government; in anmmlly defrauded of $2,000,000 by tiicHtrpeople,. .. A riot oceumal in Webb City, Mo.,'on account of the incarceration of » nbtmi'.iiH character, whereupon bin followeiH opened tire upon tlio citizeiiH witii guiw rmd pin- . tolH, which wuti promptly nn-f. hy the Hume. Hoveii perHOiu} were ieidly injured. Tlio eili- zciui were tiim 11, v vietbriourf, capthrinj' teu of the rufflaiiH ... Five hundred Hionx Iiuliiimf who . have recently been jlgUting tlio government troopH tiro reported in ' Giuuulu, whether they have migrated. flnd tluV effect was triumphant., Tile to ” l^ n »pmlaffiHtty'ot thA ’ iiiiia'tiikhigTiVyam j ijoubted heir to the estates and. title, imniHtor followed after the liissing prey. .1 (age. of itu.-iHiuV liability to-luToino t-ngagwl in : imndHome,. gmeeful, well educated and Ve saw it dart at ' ’ ' ’ ’ .......... ' ‘ “ ” ......... -i--- — .f liglitning, mid 'the shark fose hi 1 liiediatoly, mut In ’ s .......... , .......... ..... . . „„„„ .., v ....„ .... , Tr , , . „ , . . , intrayed the huccchs of tlie numeuver. aj.-n-ed in the soiiUiera pari of _fiio towi^by | 'listed as a comnam soldier. 1 ’ lien it ineident.emited. iii.-i fntlier get ......... ............. .. ..... .......... .............. .. .... .. . ........ . ..... ......... ......... .......... ^ r down to barracks, fienming liody of the fish ’ repeatedlv ! eiuor, lini iidoptoii i-esolutioiis Boiting forth i paid “ smarli ” money — a pound or two — -yi-Ht; tlirouD-li the- ilnrlto waves' ns If fhc HarimiMey of tlw ; qea»tlt«tfoii tod. the j-snil'-sot his young lordship off. The riflung with lioioe ami teiiible LouMil- | ja.^nn in ’ Iihdleim/ aiid lll riitcrakii a^m^ineouH 1 'a'nd B 11 ^ 1^1 ions. Sometimes we tlioiiglit we heard.; m B nd 8 f W refonu ; dommnueii tlio “ cunapi^ey i. cd but ilO a weelc moome, ana n (Pin (n'ganizcd at SVuHhiugCoirhy dbaporato and un- not livo tm thfft. J. no v« HcrupulqiiH num iimoTiff tho louderH of tho Bo light about tlie pjacd. Tlioy 'wed'o to gc pvoaoh of death, anti they •were carrying softly ’ anil try , tlio front * door, ff ii iiin botly unrowfltiugly to the beaeh..t • . .. Somotimea no thought ,.... flhrillj' bellowing oi ’ y, as if iiulioative •f auguiflh aud rage, rising through the juigbng vvffterH. A .His fmy, howeyor, 'was sooiv exhftiiflttui'; in , a ohort time the [sounds ; broke away* into itwbmee, and Ihe agitation of the flea subsided. The HlniBc flail given hiniflolf up to tlie tides,. nY unable to stvu'ggle - against tho, ap . ............. io people through the. action of tho illegally couHtitutod atid corruptly controlled roturniug boards ut tho'South as royolutionnry and troasonublo in purpose and effect, inrtH- inucli iia it. Btrilcos at : the very Jifo of.the oloc* tive frukohiBV. .Which is tlie barin and vital j rinciplo of thiH governmontdeproeatefl the uao of troops by Preaidont Grant in fiouth Carolina and LoniHlaha : calls, upon Congress, could not live on thnl. The very next day he enlisted again, but again hn was tui-hed from his purpose by the e.om- mimding oitiei-r exereiHiug the pieroga- tive vested in him of n'fusing any re- ’ emit ho does not deem suitable;. Tlio report is that the viscount has now on- -, listed in a cavalry regiment, where,fin ad ­ dition to other Imrdships, he will lie obliged to fierforro a stableiiian ’ s deties :■

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